Recipes From La Isla (Puerto Rico)

Recipes From La Isla (Puerto Rico)

Traditionally known as comida criolla, or creole cuisine, Puerto Rican cuisine is a mixture of diverse cultural roots and a blend of both old and new worlds. Puerto Rican cooking reflects the rich historical background of the island and its many Indian, Spanish, African, and European influences, all of which have made important culinary contributions to this uniquely cosmopolitan cuisine.

Robert and Judith Rosado have compiled this extensive collection of Puerto Rican recipes, each maintaining the traditional cooking methods and ingredients of Island cooking while modifying some with healthier substitutions. Recipes from La Isla also describes the authentic tools, techniques, and ingredients that give Puerto Rican food its distinct flavor and essence.

The Rosados give you a flavorful selection of appetizers and finger foods, like the traditional Yuca Dumplings and Flaky Meat Turnovers. An enticing array of salads ranges from an Island staple such as Broiled Codfish Salad to something for the more adventurous palate such as Octopus Salad. Baby Clam and Squab Soup, New Puerto Rican-style Simmered Beans, and the many variations of rice dishes, from Arroz con Pollo to Paella can be served on the side or make delicious meals in themselves.

Among the native vegetables implemented in Puerto Rican cooking are the yautia, yuca, name, platano, and malanga. The Rosados discuss how to grill, bake, marinate, or over-roast these exotic ingredients to produce such creations as the Yautia with Onions and Roasted peppers and the Puerto Rican Vegetable Serenade, a melodic combination of vibrant flavors, textures, and colors.

For meat and fish eaters, there is the succulent Taino Pot Roast, a classic dish made with fresh regional herbs and spices; or the truly tropical Tamarind Glazed Chicken, which turns ordinary chicken into a mildly piquant and a-matic delight. and because the abundant supply of fish, squid, oysters, shrimps, and crabs makes seafood such an important part of Puerto Rican cuisine, you'll find recipes for the Swordfish Boricua and Marinated Kingfish.

Images of Puerto Rico are often embodied in gently swaying palm trees, warm, idyllic beaches, colorful and fragrant tropical fruits. Recipes from La Isla will acquaint you with the undiscovered sights, sounds, and fragrances of this Caribbean gem to provide you with a unique gastronomic experience.

Robert Rosado is a native Puerto Rican and has collected traditional recipes throughout the years. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the food industry and currently operates a catering business in the Bay Area.

Judith Healy Rosado has lived and worked as an editor in Puerto Rico. She and her husband have been dedicated to preserving the traditional cookery of Puerto Rico. The Rosados live in Mountain View, California.


Recipes From La Isla

Octopus Salad
Puerto Rican Beef Stew
Red Beans Stewed in Wine Sauce
Spicy Taino Chicken

La Isla
New & Traditional Puerto Rican Cuisine
by Robert Rosado & Judith Healy Rosado
$28.00 (Hardcover)
Lowell House
Released 1995
ISBN: 1-565-65-339-4
(Reprinted with permission.)


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