La Bouillabaisse Chez Panisse

by Alice Waters


Serves 8 to 10

Many ingredients are needed to make a wonderful bouillabaisse; however, the ingredients are easy to obtain and some of the preparation may be done in advance. There are two important things to remember when making a bouillabaisse: The fish and shellfish must be absolutely fresh, and the saffron and Pernod must be added with a light hand. The rouille in this recipe is a spicy Provencal, mayonnaise-like sauce.

Wine Suggestion

A Bandol rose, such as Domaine Tempier, or a chilled young Bandol rouge.

Garlic Croutons

Fillet both fish, reserving the heads, bones and scraps for the fumet. Cut the fillets into even pieces 2 inches long and 1 inch thick. The thickness should be equal for all pieces; the length can vary.

To make the marinade, combine the marinade ingredients in a large nonaluminum bowl. Add the fish, cover, and marinate at room temperature for 2 hours, or cover and refrigerate for several hours.

To make the fumet, wash the fish scraps under cold running water, making sure to remove any bloody parts; cut out and discard the gills. Chop the carrots, leek, onion, tomatoes, and mushrooms coarsely. Heat the oil in a heavy, 12-quart stockpot over medium heat. Add the vegetables, garlic, and fish scraps and cook gently for 10 to 12 minutes. Place the bouquet garni ingredients in cheesecloth and tie it closed with cotton string. Add the bouquet garni to the stockpot, along with the wine and cold water to cover. Add the remaining fumet ingredients and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat immediately, and simmer, skimming frequently, for approximately 30 minutes. Let the fumet stand off the heat for 15 minutes, then strain it. If the fumet is being made in advance, let it cool to room temperature, then cover and refrigerate it until needed. Simply warm it before adding it to the broth.

To make the rouille, roast the tomato and bell pepper on a grill, over an open flame, or under a preheated broiler, turning to blacken all sides. When tomato is browned and softened, remove it from the heat using a metal spatula and let cool. When the skin of the pepper is black, place the pepper in a plastic or paper bag, close it, and let sit until the pepper is cool enough to handle, approximately 5 minutes. Peel the skin from the pepper and discard the seeds and stem. Cut the tomato in half crosswise, then spoon out the seeds. Place the 1/4 cup fumet in a medium bowl, mix in the saffron and cayenne, and soak the slice of bread in the fumet for several minutes until it is very soft. Crush the garlic to a paste in a mortar. Using a whisk, beat the egg yolks and garlic into the bread. Mix the olive oil together and begin whisking into the egg mixture, a few drops at a time, until it emulsifies. Continue to whisk in the oil in a fine stream until a thick mayonnaise is formed. Make a purée of the roasted pepper and tomato in a large mortar and stir it into the mayonnaise. Season with salt, pepper, saffron, and cayenne. Cover and refrigerate until needed.

To make the croutons, preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Lightly brush the baguette slices with the oil and bake for 5 minutes, or until golden brown. Rub the croutons with the cut garlic cloves while they are still warm. Set aside.

To make the broth, heat the oil in a large, heavy pan over medium heat. Add the leeks, onions, bay leaf, saffron, and salt and pepper and sauté for 10 minutes, or until the leeks and onions are tender. Add the remaining fumet, garlic, fennel, parsley, zest, tomatoes, wine, and Pernod. Add the clams and mussels, cover, and steam for 1 to 2 minutes, or until they begin to open. Remove the fish from the marinade with a slotted spoon, lifting out the larger pieces first, add to the broth, and cook for 3 minutes, or until the fish are opaque and all the shell fish have opened. Do not stir, or the fish will break. Using the slotted spoon, remove the fish and shellfish to large individual serving bowls. Bring the broth to a boil and season with whatever is necessary-oil, wine, Pernod, saffron, cayenne, or salt.

To serve, ladle the broth over the fish. Tuck 3 croutons in at the sides of each bowl, spoon the rouille over the fish and garnish with the parsley and basil.


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