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Barefoot Contessa

Ina Garten, bestselling cookbook author and beloved star of Barefoot Contessa on Food Network, is back with her easiest recipes ever. In Barefoot Contessa How Easy Is That? Ina proves once again that it doesn't take complicated techniques, special equipment, or stops at more than one grocery store to...More about Barefoot Contessa

Bestselling Cookbooks

Raw Food for Everyone: Essential Techniques and 300 Simple-to-Sophisticated Recipes

Just as Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone took meatless cooking mainstream, here's the complete guide to raw cuisine. Gnocchi Carbonara. Pizzas. Star Anise Crusted Papaya Steak. Sliders. Pumpkin Cheesecake. Connoisseurs of raw cuisine know how hearty and flavorful it can be; what began as an underground...More about Raw Food for Everyone

1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cakes, and Cookies (1000 Series)

This exciting 1000 collection presents glorious full-color photographs of delicious, decorated desserts. From extravagant wedding cakes and clever birthday cakes to cupcakes and cookies that are miniature works of art, these delightful delectables will provide endless inspiration for anyone who loves decorative baking and entertaining. An appendix in the...More about 1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cakes, and Cookies

Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 3: The Secret Formulas for Duplicating Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes at Home

A brand new restaurant recipe treasury from the wizard of culinary carbon copies. For more than twenty years, Todd Wilbur has been translating his obsession with recreating restaurant favorites at home into a blockbuster bestselling cookbook series. Using everyday ingredients, each of Wilbur's recipes provides step-by-step instructions...More about Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 3

Southern Plate: Classic Comfort Food That Makes Everyone Feel Like Family

Review: I've been testing these recipes in my own kitchen and every single one turns out to be better than anything my Grandmother ever made. Don’t just buy this terrific book, use it! (Dorothea Benton Frank, author of Lowcountry Summer and Full of Grace ). More about Southern Plate

Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine

Rene Redzepi has been widely credited with re-inventing Nordic cuisine. His Copenhagen restaurant, Noma, was recognized as the #1 best in the world by the San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurant awards in April 2010 after receiving the 'Chef's Choice' award...More about Noma

Around My French Table: More Than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours

Review: "Food that doesn't take a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu to prepare, from a 'culinary guru.'" More about Around My French Table

Flour: A Baker's Collection of Spectacular Recipes

Every day 1,500 Bostonians can't resist buying sweet, simple treats such as Homemade Pop-Tarts, from an alumna of Harvard with a degree in economics. From Brioche au Chocolat and Lemon Raspberry Cake to perfect croissants, Flour Bakery-owner Joanne Chang's...More about Flour

Tartine Bread

For the home or professional bread-maker, this is the book of the season. It comes from a man many consider to be the best bread baker in the United States: Chad Robertson, co-owner of Tartine Bakery in San Francisco, a city that knows its bread....More about Tartine Bread

Baked Explorations: Classic American Desserts Reinvented

Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito's 2008 Baked was published to national critical acclaim and raved about across the blogosphere. Since then, their profile has gotten even bigger, with continued praise from Oprah and Martha Stewart; product availability in every Whole Foods across the U.S.; and a new...More about Baked Explorations

Good Eats 2: The Middle Years

Good Eats 2: The Middle Years picks up where the bestselling Good Eats: The Early Years left off. Showcasing everything Alton Brown fans (and they are legion!) have ever wanted to know about his award-winning television show, The Middle Years is chock-full of behind-the-scenes photographs and trivia...More about Good Eats 2

Macarons: Authentic French Cookie Recipes That You Can Make at Home

From acclaimed pastry chef Cecile Cannone, founder of Macaron Café in New York City, comes the ultimate guide to baking delicious French macarons. These adorable sandwich-like treats have exploded in popularity and have been declared by many to be the hottest dessert since the cupcake. With stunning photographs and...More about Macarons

The America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook: A New, Healthier Way to Cook Everything from America's Most Trusted Test Kitchen

A New, Healthier Way to Cook Everything from America's Most Trusted Test Kitchen...More about The America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook

Cake Pops

What's cuter than a cupcake? A cake pop, of course! Wildly popular blogger Bakerella (aka Angie Dudley) has turned cake pops into an international sensation! Cute little cakes on a stick from decorated balls to more ambitious shapes such as baby chicks...More about Cake Pops

Fat Witch Brownies: Brownies, Blondies, and Bars from New York's Legendary Fat Witch Bakery

At long last, the owner of New York City's legendary Fat Witch Bakery shares her top-secret recipes for decadent and delicious brownies, blondies, and bars. Patricia Helding's rich, intensely chocolatey Fat Witch brownie is a New York obsession, an internet sensation, and arguably the very best brownie to be found...More about Fat Witch Brownies

Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef

From Publishers Weekly: In the blogosphere, food writing has become more personal than ever, and Shauna James Ahern has led the pack with her blog about living with celiac disease, "The Gluten-Free Girl"; a recipe-studded memoir of the same name; and now, a new hybrid memoir/cookbook...More about The Gluten-Free Girl

The Pot and How to Use It: The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker

In The Pot and How to Use It, Roger Ebert--Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic, admitted "competent cook," and long-time electric rice cooker enthusiast--gives readers a charming, practical guide to this handy and often-overlooked kitchen appliance...More about The Pot and How to Use It

Thai Street Food

Review: David Thompson's latest is not only a phenomenal primer in authentic Thai cooking, it is a work of art—full of some of the most gorgeous food photographs ever taken. I dearly love this book. —James Oseland, editor in chief of Saveur and author of Cradle of Flavor...More about Thai Street Food

Gorgeous & Gruesome Cakes for Children: 30 Original and Fun Designs for Every Occasion

From Cinderella's Glass Slipper to a ghastly Swamp Monster, these cakes are sure to be the hit of any kid's party! Gorgeous & Gruesome Cakes for Children contains 30 fun and original designs that are easy to make and delicious to eat. Beginners will appreciate the comprehensive section on...More about Gorgeous & Gruesome Cakes for Children

Christmas with Southern Living 2010: Great Recipes * Easy Entertaining * Festive Decorations * Gift Ideas

Southern Living presents the 30th edition of its annual cooking, entertaining, and decorating guide—Christmas with Southern Living. This comprehensive book includes everything readers will need to plan the perfect holiday season. Christmas with Southern Living 2010 features 100 brand-new recipes for the season, ranging from classic dishes and elegant...More about Christmas with Southern Living 2010


Bestselling Cookbooks

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