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2011 IACP Cookbook Award Winners

The 2011 International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Gala Awards ceremony is planned for the evening of Thursday, June 2 in Austin, Texas.

Cookbook of the Year
Jane Grigson Award (Tie)
People's Choice Award
Food Matters (Tie)
American Category

Cookbooks that focus on ethnic, cultural, historic, or regional cooking in the United States.

Baking: Savory or Sweet

Cookbooks that focus on bread making, desserts, confections and sweet or savory pastries or doughs.

Chefs and Restaurants Category

Cookbooks by or about chefs, collections of recipe's from chefs, or books that focus on the cuisine of specific restaurants.

Children, Youth and Family
Compilations Category

Cookbooks comprised of material previously published in another format, or compiled by a staff of writers or editors.

Culinary History
First Book: The Julia Child Award

Cookbooks by writers who have not previously authored, co-authored, or significantly contributed to a food or beverage related book.

Food and Beverage Reference/Technical

Reference books of culinary terms, histories, techniques or ingredients.

Food Photography and Styling Category

Awarded to a photographer and stylist for food photography and styling that clearly, accurately and artistically represents the book's recipes or cooking techniques, enhances the text with stimulating visual images and reflects the overall tone of the book.

General Category

Multiple-subject recipe books, including all-purpose cookbooks and personal recipe collections.

Health and Special Diets Category

Cookbooks and diet books that focus on healthful eating, nutrition, dietary concerns and special or restrictive diets.

International Category

Cookbooks that focus on foods of a particular geographical region or cultural identity outside the United States.

Literary Food Writing Category

Non-fiction or fiction food or beverage books that are distinguished by the quality of their prose. These books may or may not include recipes.

Professional Kitchens
Single Subject Category

Cookbooks that focus on specific foods, cooking methods, techniques or appliances.

Wine, Beer or Spirits Category

Books on the history, evaluation or production of alcoholic beverages; mixology; serving or pairing with food.

2011 Culinary Classics

For the last 25 years, IACP has honored excellence in cookbook publishing; beginning this year, IACP will also honor culinary works that have significantly altered the way we think about food and contributed in a meaningful way to the field of culinary literature. Books dedicated to any food-related subject; document and/or interpret a cuisine, culinary tradition or history; or convey an important culinary sensibility or vision were eligible.


International Association of Culinary Professionals Cookbook Awards

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