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The Yogurt Bible by Pat Crocker includes excerpts and recipes like Cooking with Yogurt; Chocolate Yogurt; Tzatziki; Fruit-Bottom Yogurt; and Lamb Tagine with Plums and Apricots.



The Yogurt Bible

by Pat Crocker

The Yogurt Bible
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Science has shown that 'friendly' bacteria in yogurt actually helps humans to digest their food, improving nutrient and mineral (especially calcium) absorption, boosting the body's natural defences and fighting off harmful bacteria. Pat Crocker's new book, The Yogurt Bible, explores the science and the art of yogurt. With over 200 recipes, this book is for people who want to learn how to make their own yogurt. It's a book for yogurt lovers who want to incorporate it into the foods they love to cook and eat. It's a health book, a how-to book and a cookbook filled with original recipes by Pat.

Making yogurt at home is surprisingly easy, and the homemade version tastes so much better than store-bought! What's even better is that you can control almost all of the tastes and variations, from the sweetness to the thickness. And you decide on what ingredients to use, from organic cow's milk purchased from a farmers' market to ingredients found at your local grocer. The choice is yours.

You just need three key elements to get started: fresh milk, live bacterial culture and temperature. As far as equipment goes, all you need is a stainless steel saucepan, a thermometer and a constant heat source or electric yogurt maker.

For endless ways to enjoy and incorporate yogurt into your diet, The Yogurt Bible features 200 delicious recipes—more than 20 stand-alone yogurt recipes followed by recipes that feature yogurt as a main ingredient as well as topping recipes.

You'll find that making yogurt at home is so easy and satisfying that you'll begin to use it to replace other commercial and higher-fat items like sour cream, mayonnaise and cream cheese.

The book features the basic method for lower-fat milk, soy milk, cultured rice milk, nut milk, fruit milk and coconut milk yogurts along with recipes for:

  • French Vanilla Yogurt
  • Strawberry Yogurt
  • Chocolate Yogurt
  • Caramelized Pear and Onion Flatbread
  • Tunisian Carrot Feta Salad
  • Spinach and Artichoke Risone
  • Zucchini and Leek Gratin
  • Whitefish and Vegetables with Curry Sauce in Parchment
  • Shrimp Creole
  • Seared Scallops in Mushroom Yogurt Sauce
  • Fettuccine with Crab And Shrimp Sauce

The Yogurt Bible also includes:

  • Introduction
  • Yogurt History
  • Health Benefits of Yogurt
  • Nutrients in Yogurt
  • Whole Foods and Yogurt
  • How to Make Yogurt
  • Cooking with Yogurt

Pat Crocker covers topics such as:

  • Basic Homemade Yogurt Recipes
  • Flavored Homemade Yogurt Recipes
  • Fruit Toppings: Pomegranate-Orange
  • Chutneys and Salsas: Spiced Pear Salsa
  • Sauces and Syrups: Berries in Syrup; Dry Toppings: Oatmeal Cinnamon Topping
  • Healthy Body Systems Cardio, Digestive, Endocrine, Immune, Musculoskeletal, Nervous, Respiratory
  • Whole Foods Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes
  • Whole & Ancient Grains, Nuts and Seeds, Herbs
  • Dips and Spreads: Herbed Feta Dip
  • Snacks: Artichoke and Leek Tart
  • Starters: Cheese-Stuffed Eggplant Rolls
  • Soups: Curried Sweet Potato Soup
About the Author

Pat Crocker is a culinary herbalist and professional home economist. An international award-winning author, Pat has written seven cookbooks and three herb books. She lives in Nuestadt, Ontario.

  • The Yogurt Bible
  • by Pat Crocker
  • Robert Rose 2010
  • 320 pages; Over 200 recipes; 24.95 US; 27.95 CAN; 16.95 UK
  • ISBN-10: 0778802558
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7788-0255-6
  • Information provided by the publisher.

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The Yogurt Bible


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