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The Whole Hog Cookbook, Chops, Loin, Shoulder, Bacon, and All That Good Stuff by Libbie Summers includes recipes like Pork Belly Gyros with Mykonian Tzatziki Sauce; Spanish-Style Rioja Potatoes; and How To Prepare Hot Peppered Pickled Pig's Feet.



The Whole Hog Cookbook
Chops, Loin, Shoulder, Bacon, and All That Good Stuff

by Libbie Summers


Plump sausages sputtering on the grill, thick bacon sizzling in a pan, a juicy pork chop from the oven—pork comes in so many wondrous forms. There's a whole world of pork to love, as demonstrated in The Whole Hog Cookbook by Libbie Summers, a cookbook devoted to all the favorite cuts from the hog. From grilling and frying to braising and pickling, Summers has a special way with pork, taking comfortable old-fashioned dishes and updating them with fun and stylish twists.

As a child, Summers spent much time on her gradparents' hog farm in Missouri— even wrestling pigs at the state fair and grew to become the culinary producer for Paula Deen, who instilled in her a Southerner's affection for the pig. Most of her recipes have a down-home accent, but many reflect international influences too, such as Pork Belly Gyros and Jerk Roasted Tenderloin.

Some other featured recipes include:

  • Bacon Beignets with Lemon Honey
  • Bacon and Butter Baked Squash
  • Brussels Sprouts Roasted with Nuts and Bacon
  • Summer Grilled Chops with Cherry Salsa
  • Pork Ropa Vieja
  • Sweet Tea Brined Pork Shoulder
  • Pork Piccata with Lemon Caper Sauce
  • Chocolate Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Bacon Frosting

The Whole Hog Cookbook is divided into eight chapters, the first seven focusing on the specific sections of the hog—Loin, Shoulder, Bacon, Spare Ribs, Picnic Shoulder, Leg and Offal—and the last called Slices, which encompasses all things sweet, including blue-ribbon apple pie, made with a lard-enriched crust and bacon-studded popcorn balls!

Summers, in true Southern fashion, also includes must-have side recipes for mashed potatoes, buttermilk biscuits, and dipping sauces. Illustrated how-to sections show you how to make your own fresh sausage, tie up a crown roast, and cure bacon. In her writing, Summers takes up the cause of the much-maligned pig and reminds us that the best way to honor an animal is to appreciate every part, wasting nothing. The Whole Hog gets the royal treatment in this homage to all things pork.

About the Author

Libbie Summers is the culinary producer for Paula Deen's network shows and the senior food editor for Paula Deen Enterprises. She has styled and developed recipes for such clients as the Food Network, Smithfield Hams, and Kraft.

Chia Chong earned a degree in photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design and has traveled worldwide on photography assignments. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Elle Decor, and Vogue.

  • The Whole Hog Cookbook:
    Chops, Loin, Shoulder, Bacon, and All That Good Stuff
  • by Libbie Summers
  • Photography by Chia Chong
  • Rizzoli New York 2011
  • $30.00 US; Hardcover; 192 pages; 200 photographs
  • ISBN-10: 0847836827
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-8478-3682-6
  • Information provided by the publisher.

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The Whole Hog Cookbook


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