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The Glorious Pasta of Italy

by Domenica Marchetti


While countless culinary fads have come and gone, our infatuation with pasta continues unabated, and with The Glorious Pasta of Italy, Domenica Marchetti draws on her Italian heritage to deliver a gorgeous love letter to this mainstay of Italian cuisine. Using the seasons as her guide, Marchetti collects a vast array of traditional and regional specialties, family favorites, and contemporary creations.

In the tradition of the best Italian home cooks, the recipes in The Glorious Pasta of Italy range from simple but still sublime dishes made with dried pasta, to spectacular but still approachable dishes fashioned with homemade fresh pasta. In the time it takes to boil water and cook noodles, you can whip up a fabulous sauce, whether it's Farfalle with Summer Cherry Tomato Sauce or Penne Rigate with Sweet Peppers and Anchovies. Seafood-driven Pasta Al Farouk, inspired by Abruzzo's Adriatic coast, is finished with a spicy, silky, and deep gold saffron and curry-infused sauce, while Candy-Wrapped Tortelli with Rainbow Chard and Ricotta, a specialty of the Emilia-Romagna region, makes fresh homemade pasta the star attraction.

Step-by-step instructions for making fresh pasta offer plenty of variations on the classic egg pasta, while a glossary of pasta shapes, a source list for unusual ingredients, and a handy guide for stocking the pantry with pasta essentials encourages the home cook to look beyond simple spaghetti. Individual chapters showcase pasta in all its forms, from soups to dumplings and baked dishes, and from quick dishes (Pasta on the Run) to jawdropping creations (Showstoppers). There's even a Sweet Pasta section with recipes for a sweet dough and three desserts.

Better yet, pasta is as economical as it is versatile: a package of dried pasta often costs less than a fancy espresso. So there's really no excuse not to celebrate The Glorious Pasta of Italy!

About the Author

Domenica Marchetti is a writer and cooking teacher specializing in contemporary Italian home cooking. She traces her heritage to Abruzzo, currently lives with her family in Virginia.

France Ruffenach is a San Francisco-based photographer whose work has appeared in Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, Bon Appetit, and Travel & Leisure magazine as well as many cookbooks.


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