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Anjum's New Indian by Anjum Anand includes recipes like Cilantro and Mint Chutney; Black Maharashtran-style Chicken; and Gujarati Undhiyo.

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Anjum's New Indian

by Anjum Anand

Anjum's New Indian
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A rising star of Indian cooking, Anjum Anand is the host of Indian Food Made Easy, which airs on the Cooking Channel—the Food Network's sister station that premiered in May 2010. Anjum's New Indian includes 100 of the very best recipes from Indian Food Made Easy, and many more of Anand's favorite regional Indian dishes. Based on the same simple principles that guide the show—light, modem Indian food that's ready in a flash—she presents a collection of more than one hundred delicious dishes that are easy to make, quick to the table, and full of amazing flavors.

While many Americans still perceive Indian food as tasting of a generic "curry," Anand's dishes may come as a revelation as to what proper Indian food should be. Dishes are often lighter than expected, with a lot of importance placed on freshness, aroma and color. Depending on the region, recipes can be spicy or light, a touch of sweet or slightly tart.

With all these differences, there is one common thread that runs through all Indian food—the use of spices. Spices are the hallmark of Indian food, and Anand hones in on this throughout.

Anjum's New Indian includes 100 recipes that capture the diversity of the subcontinent, divided into chapters covering: Light Meals and Snacks, Fish and Seafood, Chicken, Meat, Vegetables, Beans and Lentils, Rice and Bread, Raitas and Chutneys, and Desserts and Drinks. Plus, Anjum reveals handy tips for making the best use of the core Indian ingredients and explores the differences between India's many and various regional cuisines. Anand offers recipes to suit every palate, any time of day.

A few of the outstanding recipes include:

For simple, modern, and flavorful Indian food the whole family will love, Anjum's New Indian is the perfect book for home cooks looking to explore this exceptional cuisine.

About the Author

Anjum Anand grew up in London and Switzerland, and regularly visits family in Delhi and Calcutta. She has worked in the trendsetting Café Spice in New York and for Tommy Tang and the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles. She is also the author of numerous cookbooks, including Indian Food Made Easy.


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Anjum's New Indian


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