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Kitchen Knife Skills: Techniques for Carving, Boning, Slicing, Chopping, Dicing, Mincing, Filleting by Marianne Lumb, includes useful techniques like Preparing an Artichoke; Preparing Pineapple; and Preparing a Lobster.

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Knowing how to prepare a pineapple means you can enjoy this delicious fruit as a dessert or as part of a main course.

Ranging from a tiny 7oz. (200g) size to large 5-1/2lb. (2.5kg) fruits, pineapples are available year round. To test for ripeness, pull a leaf from the top of the pineapple: it should come out easily. The tastiest pineapples are picked when nearly ripe, so when purchasing, the fruit should have a sweet fragrance, without a trace of sharpness, and be heavy for its size.


Which Knife?

General Preparation

Use a serrated bread knife for removing the crown and base. and for making bigger cuts into the pineapple body. For slicing smaller pieces of pineapple, a serrated fruit knife will work well.

Removing the Rind

For cutting the rind off the pineapple, use a serrated fruit knife.

Pineapple Rings

To make pineapple rings, use the small, serrated knife to carve out the core of the pineapple then, place the pineapple on it side and cut into slices.


Preparing Pineapple


Step 1. Use a serrated bread knife to remove the crown of the pineapple. Hold the pineapple steady with one hand while using the knife in a sawing motion.



Step 2. Remove the base of the pineapple in the same way.



Step 3. Place the pineapple right-side up so that it is standing on a secure, flat base. Use a serrated fruit knife to remove the skin from the outside, cutting from top to bottom using a sawing motion. Notice how the "eyes" of the rind remain.



Step 4. Cut the pineapple in half from top to bottom using the bread knife. Place the pineapple cut-side down and cut each half into half again, working from top to bottom.



Step 5. Cut shallow incisions on either side of the eyes to make "grooves" to remove the eyes. Run the grooves in a slant across the fruit's surface. Pull the "groove" out to remove the eyes.



Step 6. Cut the halves along their length then turn each quarter wedge of pineapple on its side and use the fruit knife to remove the core from each quarter.



Step 7. Using the fruit knife, cut across each wedge to divide the pineapple into fan-shaped slices.



Step 8. Alternatively, cut each quarter lengthwise into three, then across, to produce bite-size chunks.


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