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The Encyclopedia of Jewish Food by Gil Marks includes entries and recipes like Gundi (Persian Chicken and Chickpea Balls); Kaletzin (Russian Cheese Rounds); Kipfel (Ashkenazic Cookie Crescents or Rugelach); and Makosh (Hungarian Poppy Seed Roll).

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Encyclopedia of Jewish Food

by Gil Marks


The Encyclopedia of Jewish Food by Gil Marks is a comprehensive, A-to-Z guide to Jewish foods, recipes, and culinary traditions.

Food is more than just sustenance. It's a reflection of a community's history, culture, and values. From India to Israel to the United States and everywhere in between, Jewish food appears in many different forms and variations, but all related in its fulfillment of kosher laws, Jewish rituals, and holiday traditions. The Encyclopedia of Jewish Food explores both unique cultural culinary traditions as well as those that unite the Jewish people.

From Brooklyn to India and everywhere in between, Jewish food is represented by a fascinating array of dishes, rituals, and traditions.

Jewish cuisine is truly international. In every location where Jews settled, they brought culinary traditions with them and also adopted local dishes, modifying them to fit their dietary laws, lifestyle, and tastes. Unique traditions and dishes developed within the cuisines of North Africa, Europe, Persia, Asia and the Mediterranean, but all are recognizably Jewish.

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Food surveys the foods and culinary traditions of individual communities, such as the honey-nut sfratto cookies beloved by Italian Jews in Tuscany, as well as those that unite Jews everywhere, like the key elements of the Passover Seder plate.

Even those with a well-developed knowledge of Jewish food will find plenty of new and compelling information here—dishes and ingredients they've never heard of, surprising and delicious variations on favorite traditional recipes, and countless historical and cultural tidbits that explore how, when, and why Jewish foods developed into what they are today.

For anyone interested in Jewish cooking, culture, or history, the Encyclopedia of Jewish Food is an enlightening and engaging tour through the culinary heart and soul of a people.

About the Author

Gil Marks is a chef, rabbi, writer, historian, and expert on Jewish cooking. The author of five cookbooks, including the James Beard winner and IACP finalist Olive Trees and Honey, he was the founding editor of Kosher Gourmet magazine and currently writes for various Jewish and food-related publications. He has served as a guest lecturer at The Culinary Institute of America and has been featured on radio and television.


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