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Food Styling by Delores Custer includes excerpts like Coconut; Pumpkin Pies; and Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts (BSCBs).

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Boneless, Skinless
Chicken Breasts (BSCBs)

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Fried Chicken Breast
Here we have the perfect fried chicken:
a crispy, golden crust and juicy interior.

Roasting, frying, or grilling boneless, skinless chicken breasts (BSCBs) has become very popular in the last ten years. Recipes that once took 45 minutes to make have been modified. They took 30 minutes and then 20 minutes to bake, and now take only 15 minutes. This has occurred because we use BSCBs, which take much less time to roast, fry, or grill than bone-in chicken pieces.


Baked Chicken Breast
This chicken was baked. When we followed the
recipe exactly, we didn't get the "perfect" look.

To prepare a BSCB for a grilled appearance, use a nonstick skillet set over medium-high heat and add a light mixture of vegetable oil and butter. Place the breast smooth side down (where the skin was) in the skillet and press down with a wooden spatula to obtain even browning. When the breast is sufficiently brown, turn it and cook at a lower heat until it is cooked through. Place the breast on a tray, but don't cover it with plastic wrap because that will cause it to steam and lose some of its brown color. When it is near shooting time and after you have seen the chicken arrangement, add grill marks. We usually don't have grill marks going toward the camera.


Baked Chicken Breast
This is baked chicken with an even,
golden crust—a more perfect look.

BSCBs are shown whole on top of casseroles, whole as an individual serving next to a starch and a vegetable, grilled on a grill or in a sandwich, or sliced on a diagonal and arranged on a plate or over salad greens. Today, chicken breasts are used in many forms because they are thought to be healthful and they cook quickly.


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