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Food Sake Tokyo by Yukari Sakamoto, includes excerpts like Hot Pots Nabe Ryori; Tofu Tōfu; Fermented Soybeans Nattō; and Tsukiji Market Tsukiji Shijo.

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Hot Pots (Nabe Ryori)

by Yukari Sakamoto

Hot Pots


The term nabe ryori encompasses a variety of hot pots. At home, family and friends gather around the pot while meat or fish and vegetables stew together. Nabe are most popular in the fall and winter when it is cold outside. Popular types of nabe include sukiyaki (wagyū beef and vegetables in a sweet soy sauce) and shabu shabu (wagyū beef and vegetables cooked in a broth and served with a dipping sauce).

The basic broth for the nabe can be made from kelp, bonito flakes, soy sauce, miso, or chicken stock. many times the stock is simply water, and its flavor comes from the ingredients of the nabe, usually a protein (fish, meat, or tofu), and a colorful variety of vegetables, such as Napa cabbage, leeks, mushrooms, and carrots. The nabe can also be served with dipping sauces and garnishes.

Finally, at the end of the meal comes the shime. When most of the pot is consumed, the remaining rich broth becomes a vehicle for starchy items that are then added, such as udon, ramen, or rice.

Many regions are famous for nabe based on local products. Here is a list of popular nabe that can be found in Tokyo:

Popular condiments (yakumi) for nabe

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