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Champagne Cocktails: 50 Cork-Popping Concoctions and Scintillating Sparklers by A.J. Rathbun includes cocktail recipes like The Can Can; Happy Youth; Pensiero; and Simple Syrup.

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Champagne Cocktails
50 Cork-Popping Concoctions
and Scintillating Sparklers

by A.J. Rathbun

Champagne Cocktails
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Timeless. Effervescent. Joyous. The champagne cocktail is one of the original cocktails. Without a doubt, there is a champagne cocktail that is perfect for any occasion, and with this colorful, bubbly book, you're sure to find one that's ideal for your occasion.

Mixologist extraordinaire A.J. Rathbun supplies 50 recipes that go far beyond French Champagne (though it's certainly well represented): Italian Prosecco and Asti, Spanish Cava, German Sekt, and the many varieties of American sparklers. Rosé and red sparkling wines are not forgotten either, with Italian Brachetto and Lambrusco, as well as sparkling Shiraz. While honoring classics such as the Bellini or Champagne Cocktail, Rathbun also covers fruity cocktails, fizzily sophisticated international mixtures, new and esoteric concoctions, as well as crowd-pleasing punches perfect for your next party.

Whether your occasion is a wedding, a birthday, a gathering of friends, an anniversary, or a clear moonlit night with one special person, celebrate in style with these spectacular sparklers.

About the Author

A.J. Rathbun is the award-winning author of Good Spirits, Dark Spirits, Wine Cocktails, Luscious Liqueurs, Party Drinks!, Party Snacks!, Double Take (coauthored with Jeremy Holt), and the poetry collection Want. As a loquacious expert on matters of food, drinks, and entertaining, Rathbun is a frequent guest on the Everyday Food program (Martha Stewart Living/Sirius satellite radio) and is a contributor to magazines such as Every Day with Rachael Ray, The Food Network Magazine, Real Simple, Eating Well, and Wine Enthusiast, among many others. Rathbun's popular cocktail classes at the Dish It Up cooking school in Seattle have been profiled in Traditional Homes magazine. He is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals and the Museum of the American Cocktail, and for years was the co-publisher and editor of the Seattle literary magazine LitRag. A.J. lives in Seattle.


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Champagne Cocktails


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