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Bartending For Dummies, 4th Edition by Ray Foley includes excerpts and recipes like Holiday Cocktails (All Year); Irish Whiskey; and Messin' with Mezcal.

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Holiday Cocktails


Here are several drinks you can serve on holidays throughout the calendar year. Sure, you can have green beer on St. Patrick's Day, but where's the fun in that? Sample something different.


New Year's Eve: Midnight Cocktail

Fill a champagne flute with chilled Champagne, leaving room at the top. Pour in the Goldschlager, making sure to include a few flakes of gold!


Valentine's Day: Valentine's Special

Shake. Serve on the rocks with Candy Kisses as a garnish.


St. Patrick's Day: Nutty Irishman

Shake all ingredients and serve as a shot.


Easter: Bunny Hop

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled, sugar-rimmed martini glass.


Cinco De Mayo: Iguana

Combine ingredients over ice and serve in a rocks glass.


Independence Day: Apple Pie

Combine ingredients in a shaker and serve straight up in a shot glass.


Halloween: Bloody Brew

Combine ingredients in a tall glass and garnish with a Lemon Wedge or any of the following: Pickle, Green Bean, or Celery Spear.


Thanksgiving: Wild Thanksgiving

Combine over ice and garnish with Mint.


Hanukkah: Israeli Sunrise

Sabra is an Israeli chocolate-orange liqueur originally made in the 1960s from the sabra cactus that grows in Israel and around the southern and eastern Mediterranean. There is also a coffee version.

Combine Sabra and Vodka. Stir into Softened Sherbet. Serve in a rocks glass.


Christmas: Gingerbread Man

Pour Vodka over a couple of ice cubes in a cocktail glass. Add Ginger Beer, garnish with a Cherry, and serve.


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