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The Visual Food Lover's Guide by QA International, includes complete descriptions of foods like Carob, Juniper Berry, Dulse, Irish Moss, Lupine Bean, and Herring.



The Visual Food Lover's Guide

by QA International


The Visual Food Lover's Guide is an invaluable guide on how to identify, select, prepare, and store over 1,000 types of food.

Small enough to carry everywhere, but packed with information, this practical and beautifully illustrated full-color guide covers almost every type of food you will find at a supermarket, farmer's market, and specialty food store.

The Visual Food Lover's Guide gives you...

  • Information on buying, storing, and cooking every type of food
  • Over 600 color illustrations to help clearly identify foods
  • Nutritional facts for every ingredient
  • The essentials on vegetables, legumes, grains, fish, shellfish, meat, poultry, dairy products, nuts and seeds, and herbs and spices
  • A quick reference on foods as common as chicken and as exotic as kombu seaweed
  • How-to photos of basic food preparation techniques such as properly cutting a pineapple, cleaning crab, and making homemade pasta

With more than 300 entries, The Visual Food Lover's Guide is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to know at a glance about the foods they eat and read about.

  • The Visual Food Lover's Guide
  • by QA International
  • Wiley 2009
  • Paperback; 616 pages; US $16.95
  • ISBN-10: 0470505591
  • ISBN: 978-0-470-50559-5
  • Information provided by the publisher.

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The Visual Food Lover's Guide


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