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Vefa's Kitchen by Vefa Alexiadou, includes Greek recipes like Mount Pelion Bell Pepper and Onion Pie Piperopita piliou; Lamb Baked with Orzo Arni giouvetsi me kritharaki; Squid with Nettles from Pontus Tsouknidokalamara; and Cuttlefish with Mixed Greens and Rice Soupies me horta ke rizi.

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Cleaning Squid and Cuttlefish

Squid with Nettles from Pontus

Kalamori ke sou pia

Squid are popular the world over, probably because they are quick and to easy prepare in a variety of ways. long and slender, they range in size from finger-length for frying to larger ones for stuffing.

The cuttlefish is related to squid, but has a rounder and fleshier body. Fresh and frozen squid and cuttlefish are widely available. Only the tentacles and the fleshy body sac are eaten.

To clean, pull off the heads; the innards, including the ink sac, will come away with them. (If you want to reserve the ink sac, cut it away from the intestines and place in a bowl of cold water.) Using a sharp knife, cut off the tentacles from just above the eyes. Squeeze out the beak and discard, together with the rest of the head. Pullout the translucent quill from the body sac of the squid, or the hard white cuttlebone from the cuttlefish. Rinse thoroughly under running water and peel off the translucent membrane. Drain well before cooking.

At this point, squid and cuttlefish can be cut into rings for frying, into squares for cooking, or left whole for stuffing. Do not separate the tentacles. It is best to simmer large squid and cuttlefish in a small quantity of water until all the juices evaporate to tenderize them before further cooking. This step reduces shrinkage and toughening. Small squid or cuttlefish can be sweated without water to tenderize them.


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