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The The Scandinavian Cookbook by Trina Hahnemann, includes recipes like Elderflower Cordial; Smørrebrød (Smoked Cheese Salad on Rye); Biff Lindström; and Meatballs with Thyme, Green Cabbage, and Lingonsylt.

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The Scandinavian Cookbook

by Trina Hahnemann


As a well-traveled food writer, Trina Hahnemann nurtured a desire to show the world that Scandinavian cooking has "moved on" from the old-fashioned cookbooks that once represented her native cuisine. The result is The Scandinavian Cookbook, filled with delectable recipes grouped by season that share the beautiful and healthy foods found in the world's Nordic countries.

The New Nordic Movement focuses on purity, freshness, and simplicity, and in The Scandinavian Cookbook Trina brings the movement to your kitchen, with fresh, seasonal ingredients and user-friendly cooking methods in dishes such as Salmon Burgers and Lightly Brined Chicken with Tomato-Mint Salad and Beet Salad. She also includes updated recipes for traditional dishes, including Veal Brisket with Sauteed Vegetables, Brunsviger, and Potato Soup with Bacon and Chives. Alternatives to native Scandinavian ingredients are provided to make Trina's dishes more accessible to an international audience.

More than merely a collection of recipes, The Scandinavian Cookbook is a celebration of Scandinavian culture. Following her native tradition, Trina's 115 recipes call for generous portions and are meant to be shared with family and friends. Lars Ranek's photography showcases the beauty of Scandinavia and Trina's dishes in their final presentations. Scandinavian customs and traditions, and Trina's personal memories also make the book an intimate experience.

The Scandinavian Cookbook appreciates the value of food as a method for cultural exchange. But no need to go to Copenhagen to satisfy that hankering for authentic Danish; just head for the kitchen with Trina's cookbook and guidance.

About the Authors

Chef, food writer, and published cookbook author Trina Hahnemann lives in Denmark. She studied literature in hopes of writing novels but soon realized she wanted a career that would immerse her in the culinary world. She began as a caterer for rock stars including Elton John, the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen, and today owns and runs a cafe in Denmark's House of Parliament as well as several large corporate cafes.

Lars Ranek is one of Scandinavia's leading food photographers with more than 20 published cookbooks.


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