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The Russian Heritage Cookbook by Lynn Visson, includes recipes like Shashlyk; Rassol'nik (including Rassol'nik with Spinach and Chicken Rassol'nik); Drachena Egg Pudding; Syrniki Trifunovich; and Tvorozhniki Chernyakhovskaya.

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The Russian Heritage Cookbook
A Culinary Tradition Preserved in 360 Recipes

by Lynn Visson


The Russian Heritage Cookbook is an unparalleled collection of hundreds of delicious, authentic recipes gathered from private collections, republished in a completely revised edition by The Overlook Press.

Based on favorite family recipes passed down through generations, collected by author Lynn Visson from the old Russian emigre community of New York City, The Russian Heritage Cookbook represents the restoration of an entire culinary heritage, which previously existed only in the memories of the cooks themselves, or in the form of yellowing scraps of paper. Most Americans have experienced only a few classic Russian dishes: Chicken Kiev, Beef Stroganoff, Borscht, and a few others. The Russian Heritage Cookbook brings together the recipes for these classic dishes, along with hundreds of recipes for the sumptuous meals that have delighted generations.

Much more than a collection of recipes, The Russian Heritage Cookbook is also a serious study of the history of food in Russia and a tribute, name by name, to the best Russian cooks. Originally published in 1998, author Lynn Visson has continued her groundbreaking research of Russian gastronomy and included new recipes and a new introduction.

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About the Author

Lynn Visson, scholar, interpreter, and writer, has published many books, including The Moscow Gourmet, Wedded Strangers: The Challenges of Russian American Marriages, and The Art of Uzbek Cooking. She lives in New York.


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