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Hawaiian Chicken Panini


Hawaiian Chicken Panini

Serves 2


I encourage you to use fresh pineapple, as once it is grilled the natural sugar will caramelize, giving more depth to the flavor, color and texture. The island flavors of teriyaki, Maui onion and cabbage highlight this recipe.


Preheat panini grill to high.

1. Arrange pineapple on bottom grill plate, close the top plate and grill until pineapple is tender and grill-marked, 1 to 2 minutes. Remove and keep warm.Wipe grill plates clean.

2. Place rolls, cut side down, on a work surface and brush crusts with butter. Turn rolls over and brush with some of the teriyaki glaze. On bottom halves, evenly layer with chicken, pineapple, onion and cabbage. Drizzle with the remaining teriyaki glaze. Cover with top halves and press gently to pack.

3. Place sandwiches in grill, close the top plate and cook until golden brown, 3 to 4 minutes. Serve immediately.


For additional flavor, brush the pineapple slices with teriyaki sauce before grilling.

Look in your supermarket's freezer section for fully cooked grilled chicken, which is great for panini recipes. I prefer slicing it for an easier bite.


Sprinkle chopped toasted peanuts on top of the cabbage for added crunch and a nutty flavor.


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