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The New Lasagna Cookbook by restaurant owner and chef Maria Bruscino Sanchez, includes recipes like Lasagna Bolognese; Winter Lasagna; and Quick Black Bean Tortilla Lasagna.

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The New Lasagna Cookbook
A Crowd-Pleasing Collection of Recipes
from Around the World for the Perfect One-Dish Meal

by Maria Bruscino Sanchez


Maria Bruscino Sanchez is wild about lasagna and knows she's not alone.

She knows that lasagna lovers just can't get enough of that deep-dish Italian favorite, stuffed with fillings, sauced to perfection and bubbling with cheese. She also knows that they're hungry for more than the classic version. In The New Lasagna Cookbook, Maria gives readers recipes for lasagnas, both classic and new-wave. She's scoured the world for inspiration to create a book that is a recipe collection of luscious lasagna variations that employ classic and no-boil noodles as well as crepes, tortillas, phyllo and sliced polenta to create a great lasagnas that include:

Completing the book are starters and salads, as well as some delicious desserts. Perfect for family dinners big and small, as well as the best answer to the perennial question "What should I bring?," The New Lasagna Cookbook is destined to become a classic on the shelf of home cooks everywhere.

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Maria Bruscino Sanchez is the author of Sweet Maria's Cookie Jar, Sweet Maria's Italian Cookie Tray, Sweet Maria's Cake Kitchen, and Sweet Maria's Italian Desserts. She is the owner and baker at Sweet Maria's in Waterbury, Connecticut.


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