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Discover classic cooking in The Fireside Cook Book by James Beard, with menus like English Dinner (Scotch Broth, Rissolé Potatoes, Trifle) and Swedish Dinner (Dilled New Potatoes, Roast Leg of Lamb, Caramel Pudding).



Swedish Dinner

by James Beard

Swedish Dinner



  • Consomme with Asparagus Tips
  • Boiled Samon
  • Hollandaise Sauce
  • Dilled New Potatoes
  • Roast Leg of Lamb
  • Browned Potatoes
  • Cauliflower
  • String Beans
  • Caramel Pudding
  • Coffee

Roast Leg of Lamb

Roast the leg of lamb in the customary way, adding 3 carrots and onions after the roast has cooked for about 30 minutes. After another 1/2 hour, add 1 cup coffee with sugar and cream. Baste with the juices and the coffee which have mixed in the pan. Serve with the browned potatoes and the pan juices poured over the roast or served separately.


Dilled New Potatoes

Cook new potatoes in the usual way and dress with butter, chopped parsley, and finely chopped fresh dill. These are also good with fish.


Caramel Pudding

  • Sugar
  • 3 tablespoons boiling water
  • 6 eggs, well beaten
  • 1 inch vanilla bean, crushed
  • 3 cups light cream
  • A pinch of salt

Melt 1 cup sugar in an iron or steel skillet. When browned, add boiling water and stir until it makes a syrup. Coat the inside of a baking dish with this syrup. Mix beaten eggs, 3 tablespoons sugar, and vanilla, and stir in cream mixed with salt. Add this mixture to the baking dish.

Place in a pan of hot water in a moderate oven (325°) and bake until set, but not entirely firm, for it will continue cooking when removed from the oven. Unmold when cool and garnish with candied fruits or blanched almonds if you wish.

  • from:
    The Fireside Cook Book
    The Classic Guide to Fine Cooking for Beginner and Expert
  • by James Beard
  • with illustrations by Alice and Martin Provensen
  • Simon and Schuster 2008
  • $30.00; Hardcover
  • ISBN-10: 1416589678
  • ISBN-13: 9781416589679
  • Reprinted by permission.

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The Fireside Cook Book

  • Recipes
    • English Dinner
           (Scotch Broth, Rissolé Potatoes, Trifle)
    • Swedish Dinner
           (Dilled New Potatoes, Roast Leg of Lamb, Caramel Pudding)

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