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Indian-style home cooking is made easy with Everyday Indian by Bal Arneson, with recipes like Tandoori Quesadillas; Soothing Yam Soup; and Paneer In Tomato Sauce.

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Everyday Indian
100 Fast, Fresh, and Healthy Recipes

by Bal Arneson

Everyday Indian
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When most of us think about Indian-style cooking, we usually don't think of it as very quick and easy, nor do we think of Indian food as healthy. But traditional Indian cuisine and Indian-style cooking can be nutritious and satisfying, filled with fresh ingredients and vibrant flavors. In her new book, Everyday Indian: 100 Fast, Fresh, and Healthy Recipes, Bal Arneson showcases the mouth-watering flavors of India and makes them accessible to home cooks with little time.

Every one of Bal's recipes is built on her philosophy about eating healthy—it makes a great difference to our overall well-being, and, when quickly prepared, leaves us with time to connect to ourselves, our families and our communities.

"The recipes in my book reflect my love of creating simple and wholesome, fresh and fast Indian food without compromising flavor," Bal explains. "These recipes are made with basic, everyday, easily accessible ingredients and I have simplified the cooking steps so no special cooking ability is required. Using my cookbook, anyone can make authentic, gourmet Indian meals in less time than it would take to go out to eat."

Bal believes that no one should spend more than 25 minutes in the kitchen to make a healthy Indian meal. Her recipes focus on how to create great meals without using any butter or cream. Her cooking style is rooted in a small village in Punjab, Northern India, where she was raised. Equipped with the knowledge imparted to her by her mother and elders, Bal has created contemporary Indian recipes that can be prepared by any home cook in 20 to 25 minutes. With Bal's spice blend recipes and her encouragement to have fun with them, you are sure to be inspired by her original ideas and expert advice.

Chapters cover all aspects of Indian cooking, from Essential Spices; Breads, Sauces, and Chutneys; Soups; and Vegetables; to Chicken, Seafood, and Meat Dishes; Drinks and Desserts; and Menus. Discover how easy cooking Indian food can be with recipes such as:

Effortlessly melding contemporary simplicity with traditional Indian flavors, Everyday Indian will make even the most novice cook look like a professional chef. Using low-fat ingredients found in local stores everywhere, Bal Arneson has proven that Indian food does not have to be an occasional indulgence.

"I called my book 'Everyday Indian' because you shouldn't have to go to a restaurant to enjoy the great flavors of Indian food, nor should you view an Indian meal as an occasional treat. And, eating well doesn't mean we need to spend hours in the kitchen. With a little practice, anyone can take a recipe in this book, any day of the week, and create a delicious, healthy meal in minutes."

About the Author

Originally from Punjab, India, Bal Arneson learned how to cook from her elders when she was just seven years old, over coals in a small clay pit. When she was 20, she immigrated to Canada. Drawing on the culinary knowledge she gained in India as well as her own natural talents, Bal regularly cooked up healthy, quick, and delicious dishes for family and friends. After giving cooking classes, making television appearances, and inspiring newspaper articles, Bal decided to write a cookbook.

She and her husband live in Vancouver, BC, with their two children.


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