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Cooking Know-How: Be a Better Cook with Hundreds of Easy Techniques, Step-by-Step Photos, and Ideas for Over 500 Great Meals by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, includes recipes like Biryani (Basic Recipe); Lamb Biryani; and Chicken Biryani.

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Cooking Know-How:
Be a Better Cook with Hundreds of Easy Techniques, Step-by-Step Photos, and Ideas for Over 500 Great Meals

by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough

Cooking Know-How
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Here's the truth: you don't need a culinary school education to cook well at home. Chances are you don't open a cookbook to make breakfast because you already know what to do. The good news is you can be that free in the kitchen the rest of the day, too! Cooking Know-How, the new book from veteran food writers Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, is a step-by-step manual packed with 65 master recipes and 325 instructional photos that will guide home cooks on the path to culinary culinary knowhow. Bruce and Mark, your own personal cooking coaches, guide you through each new recipe, providing friendly advice and the confidence you need to make dinner according to your taste.

Cooking Know-How is a technique book, but one with a marked difference: the techniques are focused on and by the recipes. The point is to get dinner on the table, so you won't find a dull primer on sauteing or braising. Rather, there are sautes and braises for chicken breasts, fish fillets and pork cutlets. In five or so steps, you can walk into the market, find what's fresh (or on special), bring it home, and have dinner on the table without having to consult three different cookbooks.

In the unique format of Cooking Know-How, you start out with master recipes for basic dishes like Filet Mignon, Chicken Soup, Macaroni and Cheese, Thai Curry, Paella and more. What follows is a full explanation of the dish: the science, the know-how, photos, demonstrations, explanations, even the good humor of a seasoned instructor. You'll soon roast, steam, braise, fry, and saute with unalloyed success. And while most cookbooks offer one or two variations off a single recipe at best, Weinstein and Scarbrough provide eight suggestions for improvisation, turning their 65 master recipes into a volume of more than 500 delicious dishes. For instance, the master recipe for Burgers allows you to make Pesto Chicken Burgers, Barbecued Turkey Burgers, Bistro Salmon Burgers, Herbed Halibut four more!

Filled with authoritative how-to instructions, lively advice and asides, over 300 illuminating photographs, and more than 500 terrific recipes, Cooking Know-How is a one-of-a-kind cookbook—the ideal kitchen companion for both cooking beginners and accomplished home chefs seeking to expand their skills and repertoire.

About the Authors

Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough are the creators of the bestselling "Ultimate" series of cookbooks, which includes ten single-subject, fun-food, companion volumes, from ice cream to party drinks, shrimp to potatoes, and brownies to peanut butter. They have also written Cooking for Two, Grill Thrills, and Pizza: Grill It! Bake It! Love It!. Weinstein and Scarbrough are Contributing Editors to Eating Well magazine and write national columns for Relish magazine ("The New American Farmer"), Cooking Light ("Cooking Class"), ("Everyday Gourmet"), and Today's Health and Wellness ("Quick Cook"). They also write regularly for Wine Spectator, Gourmet, Weight Watchers Magazine, Cooking Pleasures, France Magazine, and the New York Times. Weinstein and Scarbrough have been guests on NBC's The Today Show, CBS' Early Show, Fox and Friends, The View, and Seasonings with Dede Wilson.


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Cooking Know-How


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