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Difford's Encyclopedia of Cocktails by Simon Difford, includes information like Cocktail History and Angostura Bitters and cocktail recipes like East India, The Lady Wears Red, Navy Grog, Negroni, and Pisco Sour.

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Difford's Encyclopedia of Cocktails

by Simon Difford


If in doubt about what to serve, turn to Difford's Encyclopedia of Cocktails by Simon Difford, the most complete book ever published on the subject. This authoritative reference contains an astonishing 2,600 recipes, suitable for any occasion.

"The consumption of alcohol was so widespread throughout history that it has been called a universal language," observes drinks expert Simon Difford.

Offering a drink is a time-honored way people welcome guests into their homes.

"By definition, any drink which is described as a cocktail contains more than one ingredient," says the author. In this practical guide, illustrated with hundreds of color photos, Difford explains the four basic ways to mix a cocktail: shake, stir, blend, and build (meaning combining the ingredients in the glass in which the cocktail will be served), and the order in which to mix them. Each easy-to-follow recipe shows:

The author is adamant that the glass should match the cocktail. "These drinks take time and skill to mix so deserve a decent glass."

"During the reign of William III, punch was served from the garden fountain. The bartender rowed around in a small boat, refilling the glasses. "

The book is crammed with useful information, including:

Written in a clear, accessible style, Difford's Encyclopedia of Cocktails will prove an indispensable reference for both professional and amateur mixologists.

About the Author

Simon Difford is a drinks industry celebrity. His experience includes running his own bar, founding his own import company and establishing brands. He is a Glenfiddich Food & Drink Award winning writer and lives in London.


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