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Helen's Asian Kitchen: Easy Chinese Stir-Fries by Helen Chen, includes recipes like Bean Curd with Black Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots; Yangzhou Slippery Shrimp; and Eggplant with Pork (Yu Xi Ang).

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Helen's Asian Kitchen:
Easy Chinese Stir-Fries

by Helen Chen


Quick, simple, and versatile, stir-fries are the perfect everyday meal—and you don't need a takeout menu to enjoy one. "When I was growing up, my mother did all of the cooking at home and the variety was endless," says Helen Chen. "But it was her everyday Chinese home cooking that I remember best—the often-revisited stir-fry dishes that are simple, easy, delicious." Now Chen shares her family secrets of traditional Chinese cooking in Easy Chinese Stir-Fries—a collection of more than 60 sensational stir-fries from a top name in Asian cooking.

Chen includes a wealth of information on stir-frying techniques, from temperature control to perfect prep work, as well as tips for selecting the right equipment for success. Simple advice like adding longer-to-cook ingredients first, and how to quickly marinate meats in cornstarch and wine to lock in juices help readers get restaurant-quality results at home.

Easy Chinese Stir-Fries includes a wide array of recipes, all simple enough to make any night of the week, from classics to less-familiar dishes. Chapters are organized by the star ingredient—whether it's Chicken, Pork, Beef, Seafood, Bean Curd, or Vegetables. You'll find recipes for the following outstanding dishes, plus many more:

With foolproof recipes and expert advice, plus more than 30 beautiful color photographs that highlight the delectable finished dishes, Easy Chinese Stir-Fries will show readers just how easy it is to make classic Chinese dishes at home.

About the Author

Helen Chen is the founder of Helen's Asian Kitchen (, a widely distributed Asian cookware line, and the author of Helen Chen's Chinese Home Cooking and Peking Cuisine. Her mother, Joyce Chen, was a pioneering Chinese restaurateur and entrepreneur, and Helen served as CEO of her mother's company before launching her own business.


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