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Burger Bar: Build Your Own Ultimate Burgers by Hubert Keller with Penelope Wisner, includes recipes like Buffalo Burger; Feijoada Burger; and Crab Sliders.

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Burger Bar:
Build Your Own Ultimate Burgers

by Hubert Keller with Penelope Wisner

Burger Bar
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Chef Hubert Keller is known for elevating the ordinary burger into an extraordinary culinary pleasure. As the owner and chef of the Burger Bar restaurants in Las Vegas and St. Louis, Keller serves the finest quality burgers to thousands of satisfied diners—from teenagers to top chefs. Now, the man who led the charge in America's burger revolution shares his secrets in Burger Bar: Build Your Own Ultimate Burgers, showing you how to create your own mouthwatering, irresistible burgers.

In this cookbook, Keller expands on the "build-your-own" theme that has been such a success in his restaurants. Inside you will find a collection of 50 tantalizing recipes that show how to transform even plain ground chuck into body- and soul-satisfying burgers. The chapters include recipes with a focus on beef, other meats like lamb and bison, poultry, fish, even vegetarian burgers.

The recipes are an amazing display of Keller's burger mastery: the crowd-pleasing Blue-Cheese Stuffed Bacon Sliders, the simple but inventive Black Jack Burger with Black Angus beef and Jack cheese, more healthful but delicious Buffalo Burger, the luscious Provencal (Lamb) Burger, a hearty BBQ-style Open-Faced Chicken Burger, and so many more. Burger Bar will impress even die hard meat lovers with recipes for seared tuna, salmon, and shrimp burgers, not to mention hearty vegetarian delights like Southwestern Bean Burger and Roasted Pumpkin-Quinoa Burger.

And don't forget, no burger would be complete without a side of Keller's perfectly crisp French fries or gorgeous vegetable chips—and a rich, frothy milkshake, or fabulously cool cocktail.

One of Keller's specialties-dessert burgers—could soon be yours; his grand finales are shared with the details to help you make them at home. With some advance planning, the S'mores Burger—an eye-opening evolution of the classic marshmallow and chocolate treat—will be a hit with your family. In the whimsical Chocolate-Hazelnut Burger, rich chocolate ganache forms the burger, while a mango gelee is the lovely surprise that seems to be cheese, fresh mint serves as lettuce, and kiwi as pickles!

Illustrated throughout with gorgeous color photographs by Bill Milne, Burger Bar is the ultimate cookbook for anyone who wants to create their own iconic burgers at home—and become a legend at the next backyard barbecue.

About the Authors

Hubert Keller is the owner and chef of the Burger Bars in Mandalay Bay Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas and in Lumiere Place Casino & Hotels in St. Louis, as well as in Macy's Union Square in San Francisco (to open in summer 2009).) He is also owner and chef of Fleur de Lys restaurant in San Francisco and Las Vegas in Mandalay Bay, and SLeeK Steakhouse & Ultra Lounge in St Louis in Lumiere Place. Keller was the first invited guest chef in White House history and personally cooked for President Bill Clinton. He has garnered numerous accolades including the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef California; Food & Wine named Keller one of the "Ten Best Chefs in America." He is host of a PBS TV series "Secrets of a Chef," now in its second season. He has been a frequent judge on Bravo's "Top Chef" and is a featured chef on Bravo's "Top Chef Masters" series, to begin airing in June, 2009.

Penelope Wisner is a San Francisco-based freelance writer and recipe developer. She has written three books with Michael Chiarello, one of which, the Tra Vigne Cookbook, was nominated for a Beard award. She wrote the book Summer Cocktails for Williams-Sonoma, and her most recent book is Modern Asian Flavors, A Taste of Shanghai with Richard Wong.


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