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300 Big & Bold Barbecue & Grilling Recipes by Karen Adler and Judith Fertig, includes recipes like Wood-Grilled Filipino Pork Steaks with Pineapple Tangerine Glaze; Wasabi Grilled Scallops with Japanese Beans; and Vietnamese Grilled Chicken Sandwiches with Carrot and Daikon Relish.



300 Big & Bold
Barbecue & Grilling Recipes

by Karen Adler and Judith Fertig


The warm weather is here and with it the siren call of the backyard barbecue. As we get the grill ready for summer entertaining, there is one ingredient no backyard party should be without: 300 Big & Bold Barbecue & Grilling Recipes by Karen Adler and Judith Fertig, best-selling authors known nationally as The BBQ Queens.

This incredible collection of recipes for the barbecue, grill, and smoker shares the best-kept secrets from around the world with bold flavors from an international pantry. Karen and Judith call it "global goes local—any barbecue, grilling, or smoking technique, from anywhere in the world, can be done at home in your own backyard."

"The key to delicious results is building the bold flavor before, during, and after barbecuing," say Karen and Judith. "For example, if you want your rib eye steak to have a blackened exterior and a rare interior, you need a good rub on your steak, a hot fire in close proximity to your meat, and a short cooking time."

300 Big & Bold Barbecue & Grilling Recipes shares tips and techniques like this plus many more from basic grilling and smoking techniques to special variations on each. Each recipe in the book is easy to prepare, whether you are a novice griller or seasoned pro. Karen and Judith provide detailed advice on grilling as well as specialty techniques such as: Herb grilling How to add a kiss of smoke to your meat and vegetables Leaf-wrapping Stir-grilling Planking Spit-roasting

The vast array of recipes takes the home cook around the world and into his or her own backyard. Some of the unique dishes found in the book include:

  • Aussie Paperbark Pork with Lemon Myrtle Chutney
  • Moroccan Chicken with Apricot and Pistachio Couscous
  • Balinese Shrimp Satay on Lemongrass Stalks
  • Herbes de Provence Wood-Grilled Rabbit
  • Cuban-Style Suckling Pig
  • Persian Grilled Quail Breasts
  • Korean Bulgogi with Kimchee
  • Vietnamese Grilled Beef Skewers in Pho

There are also backyard favorites such as:

  • Blue Ribbon Pulled Pork
  • Championship BBQ Spareribs
  • Memphis Piggy Sandwiches with Vinegar Coleslaw
  • Texas-Style Beef Brisket
         with Brazos Mop and Smoked Chile Barbecue Sauce
  • Santa Maria Tri-Tip
  • Kansas City Strip Steaks with Stir-Grilled Vegetables
  • Bistro Burger

And barbecue does not mean only meat. As we strive to eat healthier, we can enjoy more lean dishes that include fish, vegetables, and fruit. Karen and Judith have included chapters devoted to fish and shellfish, as well fruits, salads, and sandwiches with recipes such as:

  • Grilled Swordfish Steaks with Lemon Truffle Oil
  • Martini Smoked Salmon
  • Wood-Grilled Trout
  • Baja Fish Tacos with Napa Slaw and Guacamole
  • Grilled Baby Artichokes with Balsamic Olive Oil Drizzle
  • Smoked Sweet Potato Casserole with Ginger, Lime and Brown Sugar
  • Smoked Corn in the Husk with Hot Pepper Herb Butter
  • Vegetable Kebabs with Za'atar

If you are fairly new to barbecuing, Karen and Judith have devoted a section of the book called "Mastering the Art of the Barbecue" that has chapters detailing grilling, smoking, planking, techniques such as leaf wrapping, and equipment. And no barbecue book would be complete without a chapter on rubs and sauces.

Whatever the type of outdoor barbecue or grill, 300 Big & Bold Barbecue & Grilling Recipes helps backyard cooks become grill masters creating memorable dishes full of bold flavors from around the world.

About the Authors

The author of more than 11 cookbooks, Karen Adler is the founder and owner of Pig Out Publications, past vice-president of the National Barbecue Association and a certified barbecue expert. She is the author of numerous articles on the topic and has given demonstrations at culinary schools and events around the country. She is the author of Everything Wild Game Cookbook, Best Little Marinades Cookbook, Best Little BBQ Sauces Cookbook, Best Little Barbecue Cookbook, Best Little Grilling Cookbook, Hooked on Fish on the Grill, Kansas City Cuisine, and The Smart Pan Cookbook. In 1991, Karen teamed with fellow barbecue lover Judith Fertig to become "the BBQ Queens." She has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Bon Appetit, Cooking Pleasures, Backyard Living, Q Magazine, On the Grill Magazine, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Kansas City Star, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Tennessean, and the Los Angeles Times.

Trained at the prestigious La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine and Le Cordon Blue, Judith Fertig is a talented food writer, cooking instructor, and product spokesperson. She is also one of the best trained barbecue experts in the country. Boasting a "Doctor of Barbecue Philosophy" degree from Greasehouse University, Judith believes "food tells a story that appeals to all senses" and seeks to bring to life—both on the page and on stage—our shared and delectable love of food. She has been featured in Bon Appetit, Saveur, Better Homes & Gardens, Cooking Light, Food & Wine, Country Living, and The New York Times Syndicate, the San Francisco Chronicle, and The Kansas City Star. She is the author of Prairie Home Cooking, Prairie Home Breads, and All-American Desserts.

Known as "the BBQ Queens," Judith and Karen have authored several best-selling cookbooks: Fish & Shellfish—Grilled & Smoked, BBQ Queens' Big Book of Barbecue, Weeknight Grilling, Easy Grilling & Simple Smoking, and BBQ Bash.

  • 300 Big & Bold Barbecue & Grilling Recipes
  • by Karen Adler and Judith Fertig
  • Photography by Alberto Cassio
  • Robert Rose 2009
  • $24.95/trade paperback
  • ISBN-10: 0778802124
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7788-0212-9
  • Information provided by the publisher.

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300 Big & Bold Barbecue & Grilling Recipes


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