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The New American Olive Oil: Profiles of Artisan Producers and 75 Recipes by Fran Gage, includes recipes like Tricolor Tomato Tians; Caramelized Onion and Balsamic Vinegar Bruschetta; and Escabeche.

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The New American Olive Oil:
Profiles of Artisan Producers and 75 Recipes

by Fran Gage


Fran Gage is convinced that olive oil is the new wine-and she should know. As a prominent San Francisco-based food writer and member of the California Olive Oil Council, she is uniquely qualified to comment on the subject. And now, with The New American Olive Oil: Profiles of Artisan Producers and 75 Recipes, Gage offers us the first book that focuses specifically on the artisanal olive oil being produced in this country.

More than a decade ago a California oil won an international competition in Italy and since then American producers have been busy creating artisanal oils that come in first place in tastings worldwide. As well as providing a unique perspective on the history and current activities of 15 of these producers, Gage offers 75 delicious recipes featuring her favorite ingredient. And for those whose knowledge of olive oil remains extra-virgin, she also includes all the essentials on buying and storing high-grade oils, understanding olive oil's basic types, evaluating its health benefits, and conducting your own tastings.

Among the mouth-watering recipes in the book are small-plate dishes like Caramelized Onion and Balsamic Vinegar Bruschetta and Guacamole with Persian Lime Olive Oil; savory sauces including Wild Arugula Pesto and Curry Mayonnaise; main dishes such as Calamari Stew with Red Wine and Slow-Cooked Lamb Shanks with Flageolet Beans; and tasty desserts like Semolina Cake with Drunken Grapes and Walnut-Rosemary Biscotti, among others.

In The New American Olive Oil, Gage proves that olive oil is more than just a condiment: it's an versatile ingredient that deserves a spot on every American table.

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Fran Gage owned Fran Gage Patisserie Française in San Francisco for ten years. She now writes about food for Saveur, The San Francisco Chronicle, Fine Cooking, and other publications. Her books include Chocolate Obsession (with Michael Recchiuti) and Bread and Chocolate: My Food Life In and Around San Francisco. She lives with her husband in San Francisco.


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