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The Editors of the Vegetarian Times bring you their favorites in Vegetarian Times Fast and Easy: Great Food You Can Make in Minutes, including recipes for Cheese Beignets; Edamame Succotash; and Tempeh Triangles with Piccata Sauce.

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Vegetarian Times Fast and Easy
Great Food You Can Make in Minutes

by the Editors of Vegetarian Times


Quick, delicious and healthful recipes—your busy life demands them. Now, whether it's packing school lunches, cooking for a dinner party, or preparing a quick family meal, Vegetarian Times Fast and Easy: Great Food You Can Make in Minutes, is sure to become the indispensible guide for fast and easy vegetarian dishes. The Editors at Vegetarian Times, considered to be the authority on vegetarian cooking, now bring you a cookbook with creative and fast recipes that deliver great flavor.

Vegetarian Times Fast and Easy offers familiar favorites, but it also includes delectable recipes that one would never think could be made so quickly! The Editors at Vegetarian Times have also provided useful information with each recipe so home cooks no longer have to estimate how much time they will spend in the kitchen, because each recipe indicates the exact amount of time it takes to make—whether it's 45 minutes or 15 minutes!

With over 250 recipes to choose from, this book is perfect for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and vegan recipes are clearly marked. Chapters include Breakfast and Brunch, Soups and Stews, Side Dishes, Entrees, Desserts and more. Recipes include:

Vegetarian Times Fast and Easy includes sections on "The Quick Cook's Pantry," "Basic Kitchen Equipment," "Tips for Quick Cooking," and "Why Go Meatless," that describe the simple methods, tools, and products it takes to set a vegetarian kitchen up for success. The book offers 16 full-color photos that highlight the delicious recipes, and it also includes nutritional information after each recipe including calories, proteins, fats, carbs, cholesterol, fiber, sodium, and sugar.

With Vegetarian Times Fast and Easy home cooks can spend less time in the kitchen and enjoy inventive recipes that maximize flavor with a minimum amount of fuss.

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Founded in 1974, Vegetarian Times is published monthly and has more than a million readers worldwide. Called "the bible of vegetarianism" by Newsweek, Vegetarian Times is trusted by The New York Times, Time, and CNN as their authority on vegetarian issues. Other Vegetarian Times cookbooks include Vegetarian Times Low Fat and Fast, Vegetarian Times Beginners Guide and the original Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook, first published in 1995 and now an indispensable "old faithful" in more than 100,000 kitchens.


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