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Discover the foods of Portugal with Portuguese Cooking: The Traditional Cuisine of Portugal by Carol Robertson, with recipes like Piri-piri, Caldeirada (Portuguese Fish Soup), and Almond Cake with Ovos Moles.



Portuguese Cooking:
The Traditional Cuisine of Portugal

by Carol Robertson

Portuguese Cooking: The Traditional Cuisine of Portugal
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As the old adage goes: the key to a traveler's heart is through their stomach. For a country that is merely 150 by 350 miles, Portugal boasts not only an extensive pallet of delectable cuisine, but also a musical language and stunning ocean beaches. Part travel journal, part cookbook, Portuguese Cooking: The Traditional Cuisine of Portugal, by Carol Robertson, takes a candid look into the land and rich culture of Portugal.

Robertson portrays Portugal as only a seasoned traveler could, using an anthropological eye to explore the country's spectacular architecture and seafaring locals. With the aid of David's evocative, full color photographs, she delves into the history behind prominent landmarks and the climate responsible for the country's diverse foliage.

Portuguese Cooking focuses on the cooking culture of Portugal, defined by the many different peoples—European, Airican; and-Muslim—who have historically flourished in the region. Many Portuguese dishes incorporate seafood, and together with the many multicultural influences, create an eccentric medley of flavors, brought to life through the author's colorful descriptions of simple and delicious recipes.

Portuguese Cooking reads like the literary masterpiece of a travel cookbook, guiding us through the most remote and bustling Portuguese destinations, as we are presented with a beautiful and expressive depiction of what the country has to offer the traveler, the historian, and the food lover within all of us.

Some of the tasty, traditional Portuguese recipes include:
  • Caldeirada (Portuguese Fish Soup)
  • Cauliflower with Piquant Sauce
  • Marinated Mussels
  • Figs Filled with Almonds and Chocolate
  • Chicken Braised in Red Wine
  • Bacalhau (Codfish) Fritters
  • Tomato Acorda
  • Pudim Flan

Portuguese Cooking also includes a primer on ports, Madeiras, and other wines from the country's notable wine tradition.

About the Author

Author Carol Robertson and photographer David Robertson have traveled extensively in South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe, but sustain a special interest and love of all things Mediterranean. Carol is an artist and teacher, and David is a retired professor of photography and design at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. They now make their home in Vero Beach, Florida.

  • Portuguese Cooking:
    The Traditional Cuisine of Portugal
  • by Carol Robertson
  • North Atlantic Books/Random House, 2008
  • $18.95, Paperback, 180 pp.
  • ISBN-10: 1556437072
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-55643-707-6
  • Information provided by the publisher.

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Portuguese Cooking:
The Traditional Cuisine of Portugal


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