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Organic Marin by Tim Porter and Farina Wong Kingsley features healthy recipes like Fava Bean Bruschetta; Lamb and Apricot Stew; and Gnocchi with Morels and Peas.



Organic Marin
A Tribute to Food, Farmers, the Future

by Tim Porter and Farina Wong Kingsley

Organic Marin
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Rooted in the fertile fields and rolling hills of Marin County, California, the cradle of the organic food movement, is a belief that food fosters community. With beautiful photography and delicious recipes using seasonal ingredients, Organic Marin: A Tribute to Food, Farmers, the Future tells the story of that connection between farmer and family, between land and table, between food and community.

It's no wonder that more than 60 certified organic food producers can be found in Marin, an eco-literate county that aspires to be as sustainable as possible. And now, with heightened awareness of all things environmental, the county's messages are reverberating around the globe and demanding a more thoughtful, less wasteful approach to life. Cooking and eating organic is no longer a trend but a way of living a healthy and sustainable life for people everywhere.

You can learn more about the history and the future of the nation's organic-farming standard bearer in Organic Marin. Here's some of what you'll find inside:

  • Sixteen of America's most esteemed organic farmers share their stories and philosophies. Among them are Warren Weber, "the father of organic farming in California"; Albert Straus of the Straus Family Creamery, the first organic dairy west of the Mississippi River; and Kevin Lunny of Drakes Bay Family Farms, which produces the only certified organic beef in Marin County.
  • 50 mouthwatering organic recipes organized by season, including Heirloom Tomato Flat Bread, Grilled Pork Tenderloin and Nectarines with Bacon Vinaigrette, Apple-Brandy Crisp, and Green Goddess Salmon and Watercress Salad. The recipes were contributed by 25 of the San Francisco Bay Area's most popular organic restaurants, including Insalata's in San Anselmo, Bungalow 44 in Mill Valley, and Fish in Sausalito.
  • Breathtaking photos of finished dishes and Marin's incomparable scenery by co-author Tim Porter.

Readers everywhere will appreciate Organic Marin's story as well as the simple and delicious recipes that can be made with ingredients grown in their own communities. As environmental concerns cause all of us to ask what we can do, Marin offers an answer: Buy organic, locally grown food, wherever you happen to live.

Dig into Organic Marin, and soon you'll feel the warmth of rich black soil between your fingers, the taste of tender beef and juicy strawberries on your tongue. And like Marin's growers, you'll celebrate the belief that feeding good food to a community will make the world a better place.

Proceeds from Organic Marin support the school lunch program of Marin Organic, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support local organic agriculture in Marin County. The lunch program helps serve 12,000 lunches a week with food grown in the county.

About the Authors

Tim Porter is a photographer and a writer with an extensive background in newspaper and magazine journalism, with work appearing in The New York Times, San Francisco Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the American Journalism Review. Tim, an editor-at-large for Marin Magazine, is a former assistant managing editor for the San Francisco Examiner and the co-author of News, Improved: How America's Newspapers Are Learning to Change. He lives in Corte Madera, CA, and Oaxaca, Mexico.

Farina Wong Kingsley is a culinary instructar at Tante Marie's Cooking School in San Francisco and a consulting chef for San Francisco's Center for Culinary Development. She has written and contributed to numerous cookbooks, including The Essentials of Asian Cooking, The Aqua Restaurant Cookbook, and Food Made Fast, Asian. She lives in Tiburon, CA.

Marin Magazine's mission is to create community while celebrating the people, places, and events of Marin County, from uncovering local history to exploring organic farming and discovering innovations in health, fashion, and home design.

  • Organic Marin
  • A Tribute to Food, Farmers, the Future
  • by Tim Porter and Farina Wong Kingsley
  • Produced by Marin Magazine
  • Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2008
  • $29.99
  • ISBN-10: 0740773143
  • ISBN-13: 978-0740773143
  • Information provided by the publisher.

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Organic Marin


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