2008 IACP Cookbook Award Nominees

Winners were announced during the 2008 International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Awards Ceremony, Friday, April 18 in New Orleans.

American Category

Cookbooks that focus on ethnic, cultural, historic, or regional cooking in the United States.

  • Crescent City Cooking:
    Unforgettable Recipes from Susan Spicer's New Orleans
  • Authors: Susan Spicer, Paula Disbrowe
  • Publisher: Knopf
  • Editor: Paul Bogaards
  • The Pastry Queen Christmas: Big-Hearted Holiday Entertaining, Texas
  • Authors: Rebecca Rather, Alison Oresman
  • Editor: Julie Bennett
  • Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Bread, Other Baking and Sweets

Cookbooks that focus on bread making, desserts, confections and sweet or savory pastries or doughs.

  • Local Breads:
    Sourdough and Whole-Grain Recipes from Europe's Best Artisan Bakers
  • Authors: Daniel Leader, Lauren Chattman
  • Editor: Maria Guarnaschelli
  • Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company
  • Pure Dessert
  • Author: Alice Medrich
  • Publisher: Artisan
  • Editors: Ann Bramson & Judith Sutton
Chefs and Restaurants Category

California Table Grape Commission Award

Cookbooks by or about chefs, collections of recipe's from chefs, or books that focus on the cuisine of specific restaurants.

  • Pier
  • Authors: Greg Doyle, Grant King and Katrina Kanetani
  • Editor: Janine Flew
  • Publisher: Murdoch Books
Compilations Category

Cookbooks comprised of material previously published in another format, or compiled by a staff of writers or editors.

  • Baking Boot Camp:
    Five Days of Basic Training at the Culinary Institute of America
  • Authors: The Culinary Institute of America and Darra Goldstein
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc
  • Editor: Pamela Chirls
  • Chocolates and Confections:
    Formula, Theory, and Techniques for the Artisan Confectioner
  • Authors: The Culinary Institute of America and Peter P. Greweling, CMB
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc
  • Editor: Pamela Chirls
First Book: The Julia Child Award

Cookbooks by writers who have not previously authored, co-authored, or significantly contributed to a food or beverage related book.

Food Photography and Styling Category

Awarded to a photographer and stylist for food photography and styling that clearly, accurately and artistically represents the book's recipes or cooking techniques, enhances the text with stimulating visual images and reflects the overall tone of the book.

  • Good Spirits:
    Recipes, Revelations, Refreshments, and Romance,
    Shaken and Served with a Twist
  • Photographer: Melissa Punch
  • Food Stylist: Brian Preston-Campbell
  • Publisher: The Harvard Common Press
  • Editor: Valerie Cimino
  • Rosa's New Mexican Table
  • Photographer: Christopher Hirscheimer
  • Publisher: Artisan
  • Editors: Trent Duffy & Judith Sutton
Food Reference/Technical Category

Reference books of culinary terms, histories, techniques or ingredients.

  • Discover Chocolate:
    The Ultimate Guide to Buying, Tasting, and Enjoying Fine Chocolates
  • Author: Clay Gordon
  • Publisher: Gotham Books, Penguin Group USA
  • Editor: Erin Moore
  • Geography of Oysters: The Connoisseur's Guide
    to Oyster Eating in North America
  • Author: Rowan Jacobsen
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
  • Editor: Kathy Belden
General Category

Multiple-subject recipe books, including all-purpose cookbooks and personal recipe collections.

  • Cooking
  • Author: James Peterson
  • Publisher: Ten Speed Press
  • Editor: Lorena Jones
Health and Special Diets Category

Cookbooks and diet books that focus on healthful eating, nutrition, dietary concerns and special or restrictive diets.

International Category

The Le Cordon Bleu Award

Cookbooks that focus on foods of a particular geographical region or cultural identity outside the United States.

  • Turquoise
  • Authors: Greg and Lucy Malouf
  • Publisher: Hardie Grant Books
  • Editor: Mary Small
Literary Food Writing Category

The Cuisinart Award

Non-fiction or fiction food or beverage books that are distinguished by the quality of their prose. These books may or may not include recipes.

  • Beans: A History
  • Author: Ken Albala
  • Publisher: Berg Publishers
  • Editor: Julia Hall
  • Julia Child
  • Author: Laura Shapiro
  • Publisher: Penguin Group
  • The Sushi Economy: Globalization and the Making of a Modern Delicacy
  • Author: Sasha Issenberg
  • Publisher: Gotham Books, Penguin Group USA
  • Editor: Lauren Marino
Single Subject Category

Cookbooks that focus on specific foods, cooking methods, techniques or appliances.

  • Fish Forever: The Definitive Guide to Understanding, Selecting, and Preparing Healthy, Delicious, and Environmentally Sustainable Seafood
  • Author: Paul Johnson
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc
  • Editor: Justin Schwartz
  • The Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking Guide
  • Authors: Mary Lou Heiss, Robert J. Heiss
  • Publisher: Ten Speed Press
  • Editor: Brie Mazurek
  • Vegetables: Recipes and Techniques
    from the World's Premier Culinary College
  • Author: The Culinary Institute of America
  • Publisher: Lebhar-Friedman Books
  • Editor: Maria Tufts
Wine, Beer or Spirits Category

Books on the history, evaluation or production of alcoholic beverages; mixology; serving or pairing with food.

  • Good Spirits: Recipes, Revelations, Refreshments, and Romance,
    Shaken and Served with a Twist
  • Author: A.J. Rathbun
  • Publisher: The Harvard Common Press
  • Editor: Valerie Cimino
  • IMBIBE! From Absinthe Cocktail to Whiskey Smash, A Salute in Stories
    and Drinks to "Professor" Jerry Thomas, Pioneer of the American Bar
  • Author: David Wondrich
  • Publisher: Penguin Group, Imprint: Perigee
  • Editor: Marian Lizzi
  • The World Atlas of Wine
  • Authors: Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robinson
  • Publisher: Mitchell Beazley, Distributed by Sterling
  • Editor: Steve Magnuson

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