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Kona Coffee Kicker

Serves: 1
Difficulty: Easy

Kona Coffee Kicker
Kona Coffee Kicker


After you've enjoyed the decadent Krispy Kreme "Coffee & Doughnuts" (page 247 of the book), here's your next logical step. I typically don't serve coffee drinks, since winters in Los Angeles are so mild, but this hot little toddy features the prized star of javaworld: Kona coffee. The 100-percent pure estate Kona from Aloha Island Coffee Company that we serve at Table 8 is like gold—and because it's low in acid and naturally sweet with faint notes of chocolate, it's happily married with a little vodka and liqueur. A highly efficient caffeine delivery system, this "Kicker" is a great way to end a meal and start the next phase of the late-night revelry (shenanigans and all).

Pour the liqueur, brandy, and vodka into an Irish coffee glass. Add the fresh hot coffee to within an inch of the rim. Spoon 3/4 inch of whipped cream on top, and garnish with the coffee grounds. Serve immediately.


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