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The Produce Bible includes tips on selecting, storing and preparing fruits and vegetables plus recipes like Belgian Endive with Olives, Anchovies, and Caperberries, Black Sticky Rice with Taro, and Poached Tamarillo with Vanilla Bean Cream Pots.

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The Produce Bible
Essential Ingredient Information and More Than
200 Recipes for Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs & Nuts

by Leanne Kitchen

The Produce Bible
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Anyone who has shopped in a farmer's market knows the abundant glories of seasonal produce, from the deep, fruity notes of a sun-ripened tomato to the crisp, green snap of a just-harvested bean; from the intoxicating perfection of a ripe strawberry to the juicy sweetness of a hand-picked peach.

Like a trip to the market, The Produce Bible brings together the best of nature's bounty, offering delicious recipes and essential ingredient information for more than 100 varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and nuts.

Celebrating the explosion of interest in locally grown and hand-picked produce, this comprehensive volume features 200 recipes that bring out the special qualities of each ingredient, from tender spring peas to earthy autumnal tubers. In addition, the book is filled with practical advice on how to choose, store, and prepare fresh produce, as well as basic cooking techniques, nutritional information, and suggestions for companion foods.

If you want to know the best type of potato for roasting or mashing; the perfect uses for a meyer lemon; or the ideal way to eat an artichoke, then look no further. Bursting with luscious color photographs, The Produce Bible is an invaluable resource for gardeners, cooks, and food lovers alike.

About the Author

Leanne Kitchen, a professional chef for 14 years, has worked in food and travel publishing for the past ten years. She has extensive experience as a food stylist, recipe writer, and cookbook editor, and as a travel features writer. Kitchen lives in Sydney, Australia.


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