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Taste the nouvelle Northwest in Braiden Rex-Johnson's latest cookbook, Pacific Northwest Wining & Dining. Recipes include Cervelle de Canut (Herbed Goat Cheese with Walnut Crostini); Baked Oysters with Orange-Thyme Beurre Blanc and Citrus Zest; and Blue Cheesecake.

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Cervelle de Canut (Herbed Goat Cheese with Walnut Crostini)

Cervelle de Canut
Herbed Goat Cheese
with Walnut Crostini


Serves 6 to 8 as an appetizer
Makes 2 cups
Varietal: Chardonnay (unoaked)
     or Syrah


With a whisk or in a food processor, whip the fromage blanc and crème fraîche with the shallots, lemon juice and zest, olive oil, parsley, and chives. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

To serve, spread the herbed goat cheese on the toasted walnut bread and arrange on a serving plate. Top with frisée leaves.


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