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The Oldways Table by by K. Dun Gifford and Sara Baer-Sinnott celebrates traditional foods from around the world, including recipes like Paximadia (Greece), Dukkah (Egypt), and Oven-Roasted Rabbit with Lemons and Olives (Crete).

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by Sara Baer-Sinnott

Serves 4 to 6

During our many visits to Greece over the last decade—in Athens, Crete, Chios, and Lesbos—we were always deliqhted to find paximadia on the menu. It's the Greeks' version of an open-faced tomato and cheese sandwich—traditionally it's made by piling up tomatoes and feta cheese on top of a barley rusk, and drizzling it with olive oil and a sprinkle of oregano. We included paximadia in the Oldways bread project, and also in our children's cooking and nutrition program, High Five! Its American version is perfect for the family table-lunch, dinner,or after-school snack.

Toast the bagels. Pile the tomatoes, herbs, and feta cheese on the bagel, and finish by drizzling with the olive oil. Serve immediately.


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