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Innovative grilling is featured in Kabobs, by Sally Sampson, with recipes like Curried Pork with Coconut and Cilantro and West Indian Chicken with Honey Butter.

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Recipe of the Week: Kabobs
52 Easy Recipes for Year-Round Grilling

by Sally Sampson

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Tired of the same old dinners every week? The Recipe of the Week series comes to the rescue with an original, exciting dish for each week of the year. Recipe of the Week: Kabobs by Sally Sampson is the first in this unique series, with fun, tasty and simple kabob and skewer recipes.

Since every culture has its own version of kabobs, the recipes in this collection draw on a variety of international flavors and include such dishes as Asian Shrimp, Lamb with Rosemary and Mint, Sweet Curried Steak, Spicy Buffalo Chicken, Hoisin Sesame Pork, West Indian Chicken with Honey Butter, and Portobello Mushrooms with Balsamic Vinaigrette. The full-color photographs beautifully depict this tantalizing array of recipes.

Recipe of the Week: Kabobs is for all types of home cooks, from beginners who only want to tackle one new recipe a week to seasoned chefs seeking new dishes to liven up their weekly routines. To ensure great results Sampson offers helpful tips on grilling, skewers and essential equipment, as well as clear, easy-to-follow recipe instructions.

Kabobs are flavorful, easy to make and healthy, so cooks will not have to sacrifice taste for time. Sampson even suggests side dishes to go along with each of her recipes, providing readers with a variety of enticing meals. This delightful collection will keep grillers busy all year long creating delectable weekly dishes.

About the Author

Sally Sampson (Boston, MA) is the author of seven cookbooks including Recipes from the Night Kitchen, Throw Me a Bone and the James Beard Award-nominated Fifty Dollar Dinner Party. She is also the co-author of six books including Chic Simple Cooking, The Figs Table and The Olives Dessert Cart with Chef Todd English. Sampson has served as editor-in-chief of and senior writer for Cooks Illustrated magazine. Currently, she is the co-owner of two restaurants: Cafe Z in Marin County, CA and Z Square in Cambridge, MA.


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Recipe of the Week: Kabobs



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