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Crab Cakes with Creole Honey-Mustard Sauce
Crab Cakes with Creole Honey-Mustard Sauce

Crab Cakes with Creole Honey-Mustard Sauce

Makes 30 crab cakes

The Japanese-style bread crumbs called panko make an extra-crispy exterior on these cakes. Serve them with honey mustard as suggested, or with conventional tartar sauce, an equally tasty option.

1. Combine the crabmeat, bacon, green onions, garlic, white bread crumbs, celery, Dijon mustard, dry mustard salt, cayenne, and mayonnaise in a large bowl and mix gently until blended, adding just enough mayonnaise to hole the mixture together. Blend in the lemon juice.

2. Portion the crab cakes into 30 balls, flatten slightly, and bread with the Japanese-style bread crumbs. (At this point the cakes can be wrapped and refrigerated or frozen for later use.)

3. Heat the oil to 350 degree F in a sauté pan over medium heat, Pan fry the crab cakes in oil until heated through and golden brown on each side, about 4 minutes in all. Drain briefly on paper towels. Serve immediately with the honey-mustard sauce.


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