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Food Made Fast

from Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma, America's favorite source for culinary cookware, supplies, books, and kitchen inspiration, introduces its new must-have collectible cookbook series, Food Made Fast.

Designed for the home cook who is short on time, Food Made Fast is informal and accessible to cooks with varying levels of experience. Written by such noted authors as Georgeanne Brennan, Julia della Croce, and Melanie Barnard, each book offers creative, easy-to-prepare recipes, helpful tips, and time-saving techniques. In addition, each book also identifies the secrets to cooking delicious meals with minimal time and effort: keeping a well-stocked pantry, planning ahead, and using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

The fifteen-volume Food Made Fast series will be released in batches, beginning with Pasta, Soup, Weeknight, Baking, and Slow Cooker, scheduled to hit bookstore shelves in Fall 2006. Williams-Sonoma will release Salad, Grill, Seafood, and Asian in Spring 2007, and the remaining titles will be released the following Fall.

True to the high-quality of the Williams-Sonoma brand and developed with the close involvement of founder Chuck Williams, each Food Made Fast title contains more than 90 full-color photographs and 40 recipes—all of which require no more than three preparation steps and 12 readily available ingredients. The contents of each book are cleverly divided into three helpful categories:

In 15 Minutes Hands-On Time, you will find easy recipes for when you need to put dinner together with the least amount of effort.

30 Minutes Hands-On Time is perfect for when you have a bit more time to spare. The big-batch recipes in Make More to Store serve as building blocks for multiple dinners during the week.


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Food Made Fast


Food Made Fast recipes from the Spring 2007 books in the series: Seafood, Grilling, Salad, and Asian.


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