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Journey along the Indian spice route with Andreas Viestad in his new cookbook, Where Flavor Was Born, featuring recipes like Mauritian Bouillabaisse (Mauritius); Cumin-Curry Tuna Salad with Dates and Chickpeas (Oman); and Curried Duck with Vanilla (Réunion—France).

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Where Flavor Was Born
Recipes and Culinary Travels Along
the Indian Ocean Spice Route

by Andreas Viestad

Where Flavor Was Born
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This gorgeously illustrated cookbook follows author Andreas Viestad as he explores the culinary wonders along the legendary spice route, from Zanzibar to India to Bali and everything in between. This colorful volume captures the spirit of the region and shows the origins of the spices used in everyday cooking, while introducing exciting new cultures.

Andreas has spent the last three years traveling, studying different cultures, and searching for the soul of cooking, which he deems is derived from the transformative power of a single spice. A travelogue, as much as a cookbook, Where Flavor Was Born, shows how different regions are joined together in history by these spices—cumin, pepper, ginger, chiles, cardamom, coriander, turmeric, lemongrass, tamarind, nutmeg, cloves, vanilla, and cinnamon.

This book is as an investigation into the origin of these spices and in order to do that, we need to know how each one evolved and traveled. Andreas gives us this insight into the spice trade while revealing the culinary wonders of this exotic area of the world.

Nearly 100 recipes, a glossary of spices, source list, and unforgettable color photographs reveal the people, places, and—best of all—the irresistible flavors of the food, capturing the soul of the cooking at every stop on the journey. Where Flavor Was Born is the perfect addition to any cookbook collection and a great way to bring these exotic flavors into the home kitchen.

About the Authors

Andreas Viestad is the acclaimed television chef and host of the popular PBS series New Scandinavian Cooking. Now in its fourth season, New Scandinavian Cooking is aired in over 50 countries and showcases Andreas' culinary talent and cultural expertise. Leveraging his many years as a respected food writer and journalist for leading Norwegian newspapers and radio stations, Andreas provides fascinating stories behind every ingredient and dish.

In 2003, Andreas published his first cookbook, Kitchen of Light: New Scandinavian Cooking. When he is not traveling, he lives on his farm outside Cape Town, South Africa.

Mette Randem is an internationally renowned photographer based in Norway.


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Where Flavor Was Born



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