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Get ready for the holidays with The Complete Baking Cookbook by George Geary, featuring recipes like Orange Cranberry Cookies; Marble Layer Cake; and Tiger Swirl Fudge.

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The Complete Baking Cookbook

by George Geary


As the holidays approach our thoughts invariably turn to baking. There are the few recipes we've made again and again year after year, but what about all the rest? Where to go for something different?

Many of us will rifle through cookbooks and scroll through page after page of online recipes only to end up with more options than we know what to do with and no guarantees for success. But this season, a new book will wipe away the stress of holiday baked goods and offer readers every recipe they will need to make their baking endeavors a success.

The Complete Baking Cookbook contains 350 fail-safe recipes and techniques which will appeal to every baker—from novice to professional. Written by George Geary, a baker and pastry chef, this collection of easy-to-follow recipes offers readers a variety of recipes for everything from cookies and pastries to pies to tarts to cobblers and cakes. Inside readers will find mouthwatering treats including:

Detailed illustrations throughout along with information on important kitchen tools and equipment will help ensure success with every recipe. And the dozens of color photographs will entice readers to keep The Complete Baking Cookbook close at hand not only for the holidays but throughout the entire year.

About the Author

George Geary teaches baking techniques in more than 100 cooking schools across North America every year. A regular contributing editor to magazines and newsletters, he has also been the pastry chef and production manager for the Walt Disney Company and the Marriott Corporation.


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