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January 1997
Ostrich Sized The January Syndrome
a look at "Lighter, Quicker, Better"

by Claire & Monte Montgomery

Superbowl: New Orleans Style
by Kate Heyhoe

February 1997
Crostini Chinese New Year with Susanna Foo

by Michele Anna Jordan

Chocolate Valentine's Gifts
by Kate Heyhoe

March 1997
Earthy Eating New Olive Oil Festival
by The eGGsters

Easter Egg Art
by Ian Makay

What's Ale-ing You?
by Kate Heyhoe

April 1997
Spring Cookbooks Spring Cookbooks

by Rabbi Jo David

Korean Picnic
by Kate Heyhoe

May 1997
Western Cookbook Round Up Western Cookbook Round-Up
by Kate Heyhoe

Basic Black: an interview with Karen Grigsby Bates

Australian Bush Tucker
by Jacqualine Hollingworth

June 1997
Sean Donnellan's Something Tastes Funny Sean Donnellan's
Something Tastes Funny

The Real Way to Barbecue

Norman Van Aken: A Chef
In His Own Words

Special Summer Issue: July & August 1997
Western Cookbook Round Up Special Summer Travel: Global Gourmet
Hong Kong, India, Turkey, Spain, The Caribbean, Brazil by Kate Heyhoe

Travel Tips

Summer Reading
The Butter Did It
Travelers Tales: Food
Handy Travel Books

September 1997
HELP! The eGG's Back to School Family Handbook
by Kate Heyhoe

Teens' Winning Recipes
From America's Pork Producers

Cookbooks for College Kids, Parents & Young Chefs
by Kate Heyhoe

October 1997
Haunted Halloween Meatless Meals: Vegetarian Cookbooks
by Kate Heyhoe

Haunted Halloween
by Kate Heyhoe

by Lucy Saunders

November 1997
Cooking with Wine The eGG's Thanksgiving Handbook

Cooking with Wine
by Dr. Joe LaVilla

Impromptu Entertaining
by Melissa Darpino

December 1997
Holiday Issue Buon Natale!
Christmas Eve Italian Style

Elinor Klivan's
Bake & Freeze
Chocolate Desserts

Winter Feast:
John Manikowski's
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