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Bay Area Wine Shops
The San Francisco Wine Club

This month's review, by Fred McMillin

"The San Francisco Wine Club has the best deals in town, making it by far our readers' most popular Bay Area store.. a bunch of crazy 'wine heads' on the staff make it a wonderful resource."

Thus spoke over 1000 readers of the highly-respected "Wine and Spirits" magazine, and I agree with their appraisal. Founder Ron Loutherback is a hands-on owner, charming and smart. He has two Bay Area stores plus one in the L.A. area. Do they do a good job? Sales rose from $24 million in 1995 to $27 million in 1996. Case closed.

Downtown San Francisco (plenty of parking)
953 Harrison
Phone—(415)512-9086 Or (800)966-5432

Santa Clara Store
1200 Coleman Ave.
Phone—(408)567-0900 or (800)678-5044

Postscript: About those "crazy wine heads' on the staff, I can vouch for their enthusiasm & knowledge, since several are graduates of my wine courses. They know both the imports and the domestics.

PPS: What are some of the Club's (there's NO membership fee!) best selling wines? California Cab—Arrowood, Chardonnay - Chateau St. Jean, Bordeaux—Chateau Meyney, Champagne—Roederer, California Pinot Noir—David Bruce, Merlot—Stonestreet, Zinfandel—Ravenswood and Sauvignon Blanc—Clos Du Bois.

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