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Known for its infinite uses in all kinds of culinary creations, ginger's medicinal properties are even more alluring. Good for cleansing the system, calming motion sickness, and soothing sore throats, this old standby of Asian cuisine continues to impress food and health professionals alike. For the latest on this amazing herb, check out the information at Ginger People brought to you by Royal Pacific Foods.

To find out what ginger can do for you, check out the Health news for all the therapeutic effects this ancient food has to offer. For example, with mounting evidence that ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, you can fight those aches and pains by adding a half-teaspoon to a teaspoon of fresh ginger to your stir-fry vegetables or sauces.

Ginger People From spicy appetizers to tangy desserts, ginger adds its own distinct flavor to any recipe. With super-easy selections, the site's Recipes section offers all kinds of choices guaranteed to let you maximize all of ginger's potent attributes. To wake up your vegetables, try the Ginger Papaya Salsa seasoned with finely minced crystallized ginger chips. Or, sample some of the sweet choices like the Giant Ginger Chip Molasses Cookies or the Sweet Ginger Pancakes.

To maximize the flavor of ginger, browse through the Hot Tips. Here, you'll find the essentials for everything from purchasing fresh ginger (look for pieces with a plump, smooth, somewhat shiny skin) to preparing fresh ginger (peel only the skin of the knobby-looking stem). If you plan on storing fresh ginger, leave at room temperature much like you would potatoes; fresh ginger gets moldy in the refrigerator.

Passionate about all things ginger and dedicated to promoting its virtues, a visit to Ginger People will convince you that ginger is truly the spice of life.


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Debbie Mazo is a writer and editor based in Vancouver, Canada. She currently specializes in technical and marketing materials, but is also pursuing opportunities in food journalism.



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