Barbecu'n on the Internet


Review by Debbie Mazo

Cooking over an open fire in prehistoric times was a matter of necessity. In modern times, having a barbecue is experiencing a small adventure in your own backyard. Barbecu'n on the Internet, a fun site dedicated to raising the level of competence of barbecuers around the world, lets you explore the mystique surrounding this ancient tradition.

Spice up your barbecue by first learning the difference between grilling and smoking and the techniques for pulling off the perfect outdoor meal. Smoking is the primary method for cooking larger pieces of meat (briskets, turkeys, roasting chickens, or pork roasts). Grilling, on the other hand, uses much smaller pieces of meat placed directly over the heat and requires that you turn the meat frequently. Hooked on gas grilling? There's also plenty of gas grilling how to's and information on using and maintaining your gas grill.

If you're looking for some barbecuing recipes, this site has some sizzling choices. In the Recipe Page, you'll find recipes for some of the "best darned barbecue known to man or woman". There's also separate pages for basting and marinading recipes and dry rub combinations. Chili fans will also find hot and spicy information in the Chili Section with an entire page devoted to the fine art of chili cooking.

For your burning questions about barbecuing, there's plenty of resources. Barbecu'n Tips offers useful suggestions for maintenance, convenience, and general cooking while BBQ Tools describes all the must have tools for barbecue warriors. You can also chew the fat with 'cue guru and scholar, C. Clark "Smoky" Hale, who offers the insightful advice of a seasoned professional.

If you're new to barbecuing, the Beginner's Corner will have you mastering the thrill of the grill in no time. This section offers the beginning outdoor cook basic tips, techniques, and time-tested advice. Whether you're a beginner or a connoisseur, a visit to this site is sure to get you all fired up about the rewards of cookin' over coals.

Debbie Mazo is a writer and editor based in Vancouver, Canada. She currently specializes in technical and marketing materials, but is also pursuing opportunities in food journalism.


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