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Easter is a sign that spring is here. And with this spring holiday comes all kinds of entertaining opportunities. Whether you're having friends or family for Easter Dinner, putting goodies in an Easter Basket, or hiding candies for an Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Cooking at WYK has all kinds of hints to make this Easter holiday special.

Part of the World in Your Kitchen food site, this webpage offers both food and non-food links for Easter fans of all ages. Non-food links include Easter for Children with everything from an Internet Easter Egg Hunt, where Easter eggs are cleverly hidden in various webpages to BunnyLand, where children can email the Easter Bunny. If you've always wondered about the traditions of Easter, The Holy Week links you to all kind of information about the celebrations and observations commemorating this holiday.

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The food links at Easter Cooking at WYK are extensive and range from Easter Cooking Tips, including Easter Cake Decorating Ideas, to the webpage's own suggested menus with links to the recipes. If you're in the hunt for the perfect Easter Brunch, start with Sausage and Cheese Strata with Sun-Dried Tomatoes served with Croissants. For an easy side dish that's guaranteed to get rave reviews, try the Fruit Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing. Then, finish your noonday meal with Maple Oatmeal Muffins lightly sweetened with applesauce.

Other Easter links on this seasonal webpage will help you discover Easter customs around the globe, including Sweden, Romania, and Poland. There's even a link complete with Easter Greetings in various languages. Whether it's Buona Pasqua (Italian) or Bon Pâques (French), it's Happy Easter all-year round at Easter Cooking at WYK.


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Debbie Mazo is a writer and editor based in Vancouver, Canada. She currently specializes in technical and marketing materials, but is also pursuing opportunities in food journalism.



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