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Medieval cooks used many of the foodstuffs that today's cooks use, preparing and serving it in ways that are similar to modern times. What mattered to the 14th century family is the same as what matters today: that the stews, pies, roasts, and soups on the table tasted good. Step back in time to A Boke of Gode Cookery, a feast of a site stuffed with all kinds of Medieval culinary hints.

Hosted by Cook James L. Matterer, A Boke of Gode Cookery serves up a healthy stock of Medieval recipes from period sources with modern adaptations for the 20th century. With all kinds of facts on food and feasting in the Middle Ages, this historical site has it all for those looking to dabble in the art of Medieval cookery.

A Boke of Gode Cookery Want to learn how to organize an authentic Medieval feast in one easy lesson? Then, check out Presentation of a Medieval Feast for an explanation of how period cooks categorized food and guidance on organizing your menu according to Medieval standards and practices. Ideal for beginners, you'll learn here that you can follow a similar pattern for your medieval dinner as for your 20th century meal.

To start your feast off right, serve a soup or broth with bread and cheese. Follow with green vegetables and a meat dish of lean pork or chicken (or perhaps fish) accompanied by sauces. Then, move on to the heavier and fancier items in smaller portions.

In the Recipes and Cookery link, you can sample up to 60 selections including original period recipes and translated versions. Recipes cover everything from Flampoytne, a pork and cheese pie decorated with pastry triangles, to Damebrigge Sambocade, a Medieval cheesecake spiced up with dried elderflowers.

For medieval fans, there's even more information including articles on mythical plants and an extensive guide to the great plague. Whether king or commoner, the Bode of Gode Cookery has all the resources you'll ever need for your medieval cooking adventure.


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Debbie Mazo is a writer and editor based in Vancouver, Canada. She currently specializes in technical and marketing materials, but is also pursuing opportunities in food journalism.



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