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In a Vegetarian Kitchen  

Review by Debbie Mazo


In a Vegetarian Kitchen 
Vegetarianism is more common today than it was twenty years ago. Crossing all ages, borders, and races, people embrace a vegetarian lifestyle for all kinds of reasons from ethical concerns to health-related issues. As acceptance for vegetarianism has increased, so have the options for meals with more innovative ingredients than beans, granola, and sprouts. Presenting endless ideas for delicious and creative food choices, In a Vegetarian Kitchen is here to show you the way.

Hosted by Nava Atlas, an author and illustrator of several books on meatless cooking, In a Vegetarian Kitchen serves up easy recipes, healthy food tips, and seasonal specials—all vegetarian style. To help you take the leap into a meatless diet, the site offers pointers for new vegetarians as well as helpful hints for creating a vegetarian pantry. Sensible advice at the site includes adapting to a vegetarian diet by redoing old recipes, like substituting beans for meat in your favorite taco dish. Need help stocking your vegetarian pantry? Then, follow the site's recommendation for keeping a good range of commonly used herb and spice varieties on hand like seasoning blends, especially an all-purpose salt-free herb-and-spice blend, a good-quality curry powder, and an Italian herb seasoning blend.

Preparing a vegetarian menu doesn't have to be a chore. In a Vegetarian Kitchen offers monthly menus for vegetarians looking to be inspired. This month's menu focuses on brunch recipes that offer a departure from the usual heavy brunch selections. Contemporary choices like Cranberry and Orange Muffins or Composed Fresh Fruit Plates including tropical yogurt will also help you take advantage of wholesome, natural ingredients and seasonal produce.

With dozens of recipes adapted from Nava Atlas' cookbooks, you'll get a taste of just how satisfying vegetarian eating can be. Selections range from Everyday Fare like Baked Rice with Cheese and Green Chiles to choices for a Middle Eastern Buffet for Summer Celebrations like Barley Salad with Almonds and Apricots or Tabouleh (Bulgur, Parsley, and Tomato Salad). Whether you're new to vegetarian eating or just looking for healthier menu options, In a Vegetarian Kitchen dishes it up when it comes to vegetarian eating.


About the Writer

Debbie Mazo is a writer and editor based in Vancouver, Canada. She's been writing the NetFood Digest column for FoodWine since 1997. You can contact her at djmbc@[email-address-removed].

Copyright © 2001, Debbie Mazo. All rights reserved.


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