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French Food and Cook  

Review by Debbie Mazo


When you think of great food, French cuisine usually comes to mind. with culinary traditions that have been perfected over the centuries, French chefs have transformed cooking into a highly refined art. At French Food and Cook, you'll discover that preparing French cuisine is not so much about elaborate procedures, but more about bringing out the flavors of fresh ingredients as part of a well-organized menu.

French Food and Cook 
Eating well is important to most French people, who spend a great deal of time thinking about, talking about, and eating food. Hosted by French authors, French Food and Cook presents recipes that are typically French, though simple and practical. Offering a truly French perspective on dining, this easy-to-navigate site also introduces the intricacies of French entertaining with advice based on French customs.

Even the simplest French dishes require attention to detail. French Food and Cook leads the way with suggestions on the best tools to use and the most common ingredients to stock in your kitchen. Basic utensils, like a chef's knife for slicing meat or vegetables and a universal grater for cheese, are essential when preparing French selections and will make your cooking life easier. To prepare a dish at a moment's notice, French chefs always have ingredients like olive oil and hot mustard made of mustard seeds and vinegar on hand in their kitchen. If you're like to sample authentic French products, tools and delicacies are available from the site's online boutique.

A typical French menu offers courses that easily match each other. In the Menus & Recipes section, French Food and Cook covers every occasion with menu choices ranging from Classical to Express to Monthly Theme Chef's Special. For a typical French menu, whip up an entrée of Soufflé au Fromage (Cheese Soufflé) served with Chocolate Profiteroles. If you've always wanted to experiment with crepes, this month's Chef's Special introduces the many possibilities of this traditional French dish. Try the Basic Crepe Batter recipe to get a taste of a national favorite originating in the Bretagne region on the west coast of France.

To complement your French food selections, lay out your dinner table in a truly French fashion. French Food and Cook offers all the clues in the Table Setting section. For example, when laying out your table, use a white tablecloth for official dinners. For dinners with friends or family, use a decorative tablecloth and associated napkins. with so many helpful hints, French Food and Cook can provide you with all the savoir faire you'll ever need when it comes to authentic French cuisine.


About the Writer

Debbie Mazo is a writer and editor based in Vancouver, Canada. She's been writing the NetFood Digest column for FoodWine since 1997. You can contact her at djmbc@[email-address-removed].

Copyright © 2001, Debbie Mazo. All rights reserved.



This page created May 2001