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Let's Talk Soy  

Review by Debbie Mazo


Soy has been a dietary staple in Asian cultures for centuries, but it's only recently that it has arrived on the Western cooking scene. With growing evidence of its tremendous health benefits, there's even more reasons to try out variations of soy like tofu, tempeh, and soy cheese. Visit Let's Talk Soy, and discover how you can incorporate soy products into a healthy lifestyle.

Sponsored by the United Soybean Board, Let's Talk Soy is here to spread the word on the joys of soy. Soy's abundant supply, excellent nutritional profile, and diversity of forms makes it suitable for just about any meal. Browse this comprehensive one-stop guide with nutritional profiles as well as tips on using, buying and storing various soy products, and you'll be convinced about this up and coming wonder food.

Let's Talk SoyWhen it comes to medical research, soy has been making all the headlines. Click on Soybeans and Human Health and you'll find out that over 500 scientific studies have confirmed the disease-fighting qualities of soybeans. While soybeans are part of a smart diet because they're high in protein, the latest research also points to other significant benefits including their role in potentially reducing the risk of chronic diseases like high cholesterol, heart disease, and cancer.

Soy comes in all shapes and sizes from tofu to soy milk to textured soy protein. Talk Soy has collected buying and cooking tips, storage advice, nutritional information, and much more about all the popular soy products. Ever wonder what miso is? Talk Soy has all the answers on this fermented soybean paste. With its rich, full-bodied, salty flavor, it makes a versatile seasoning for soups, stews, dressings, marinades, dips, and toppings.

No longer reserved for the granola crowd, soyfoods today have a broader appeal that can entice even the most ardent meat eater. Check out the recipes at the site for easy to prepare selections that suit every occasion from quick snacks to formal dining. From meal starters like Samurai Salad with Ginger Dressing to easy entrees like Tofu South of the Border Enchiladas, the site offers recipes with great taste that any cook will want to stir up. Packed with versatile ways to prepare nature's miracle food, Let's Talk Soy shows why it's no surprise that soy is capturing nationwide attention.


About the Writer

Debbie Mazo is a writer and editor based in Vancouver, Canada. She's been writing the NetFood Digest column for FoodWine since 1997. You can contact her at djmbc@[email-address-removed].

Copyright © 2001, Debbie Mazo. All rights reserved.


    January 2001


This page created January 2001